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Wedding Receptions On A Budget

By Natalie Glass

While it is true that wedding receptions eat up the largest portion of the budget for a couples nuptials, the wedding reception does not have to break the bank. With some clever tricks and special planning, even a budget-minded bride can put together a reception of which to be proud.

Experts in planning wedding receptions say that the real secret to a budget friendly and beautiful wedding reception is making sure to combine personal taste, creativity and even good old-fashioned ingenuity.

A Wedding Theme

Choosing a wedding theme can establish the personality of the reception and can actually make the arrangements flow more easily and less expensively.

Having a wedding theme in mind for the event helps when planning wedding receptions because often ready-made items can be found at discount stores that fit with the theme.

Finding some of your wedding decorations and the wedding party favors at the big discount retail chains can be some of the best and simplest savings you can enjoy.

The more you can save on necessities for the reception, the more you will be able to allot to the items you won’t want to skimp on, like the wedding photographer or the wedding cake.

Creating beautiful environments for wedding receptions on a budget can be quite simple, according to wedding and reception planning experts.

As you strive to give each element of the wedding reception, from centerpieces to personalized wedding favors, a thoughtful personal touch, you can actually save money while creating memorable aspects that will be cherished through the years. Following are a few tips from experts that can help you save money and make the event spectacular.

Silk Flowers Allow You To Save On Cost Of Flowers

For either indoor or outdoor wedding receptions, flowers are an important part of creating a magical and romantic tone. One way to economize, but still enjoy the effect of flowers, is to choose from the many beautiful, realistic silk flowers that are abundantly available.

One clever trick is to add silk flowers into arrangements of fresh flowers, helping to keep the floral costs down while still beautifying the reception venue. Plus, the newlyweds can use the silk flowers in their new home as a beautiful reminder of their special day.

Rose Petals Along The Entrance Pathway

For something unique and fun, you can create a dramatic entrance to a wedding reception by simply lining the entrance pathway with sweet-smelling rose petals. Your guests will immediately be in a jovial mood if you rent a bubble machine which will add extra fun and magic to the ambiance of the event.

Renting a reception tent is a good way to economize for wedding receptions and you can easily increase the romance factor by getting some nice sheer fabric and quality wide ribbon which you can use to drape around the perimeter of the canopy. You can also incorporate small white lights and wrap the tent supports or make a swag for the entryway that will add to the romantic feel.

A Personal Memento

Hand-making keepsakes to give out during wedding receptions is a trend that is growing and one that is helping to bring down costs while creating a very personal memento.

You can make unique thank you cards for your bridesmaids by embellishing simple note cards with the wedding theme colors and meaningful trinkets that can be found at a craft store. Combined with a heartfelt personal note, it will be something your bridesmaids are likely to cherish for many years.

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