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Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas For A Day To Remember

By Natalie Glass

Wedding reception centerpiece ideas have never been so readily available as they are now. The Internet has brought a plethora of wedding reception centerpiece ideas into every home and with it an ease to put together beautiful creations that are inexpensive and not time consuming.

Wedding professionals can provide these themselves as just another service they offer or the bride and her court can whip up centerpieces in one night.

Martha Stewart can whip together an elegant centerpiece for any table. This is what she does for a living and makes it seem quite easy. Unfortunately many brides do not have the time to sew linens and collect pine cones for an elaborate table piece.

There are wedding reception centerpiece ideas that anyone can make, require very little time and can even be put together without lifting a needle with thread.

Simple, Yet Elegant Centerpieces

With time being in short supply, the idea of having to create several wedding reception centerpieces can be daunting. It does not have to be so. Centerpieces can be simple yet elegant. Candle holders filled with tea light candles lit and softly glowing provide a personal atmosphere for the guests.

A grouping of one type of flower wrapped with a ribbon adds a touch of elegance. Wedding reception table decorations do not have to break the budget. There are many options available and many ideas on the internet.

A Tier Effect

Do not be afraid of height. Cardboard boxes, found at craft stores, can be draped with fabric remnants to create a tier effect. The platforms can then hold picture frames of the couple, flowers or even desserts. Wedding reception centerpiece ideas can be a part of the meal.

A great idea to help with space on the dessert table is to place cupcakes on clear cake stands. Using three different sizes, stack the cake stands in the center of the table. On each level place cupcakes decorated with fresh flowers. This is only one of the great wedding reception centerpiece ideas available on the Internet.

Visit Hobby And Craft Stores

The only limit on wedding reception table decorations is your imagination. Hobby and craft stores offer a plethora of trinkets that can be used as place holders. There are countless television shows that offer hints and tips for decorating a table scape. If it works for a dinner party, it will work for your wedding.

If you find yourself unable to do the centerpieces by yourself, have a "girls night" where friends and family all pitch in together to make the centerpieces. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, nothing is impossible and wedding reception centerpiece ideas are at your fingertips and around you.

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More Romantic Wedding Facts....

What tasks does a wedding planner handle?
A professional wedding planner can handle everything you want, or nothing you want. Their main goal is to provide a stress free environment for the bride. Most wedding planners will handle the wedding, the reception and help choreograph all of the individuals in the wedding.

He or she can help you in picking out decorations, flower arrangements as well as offer plenty of tips and advice on how to make the day beautiful.

What are the rules regarding receptions?
There are no hard-fast rules when it comes to receptions. The reception can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a simple affair where the guests are there just long enough to give their congratulations to the couple or it can be a lavish party where there is food, music and drinks.

Who pays for the wedding and reception?
Traditionally the bride’s family paid for the entire wedding except the rehearsal dinner, which was paid for by the groom’s family. In modern society it is often the couple who pay for the majority of the wedding. This could be due to the fact that many people are marrying later in life or have been married once before.