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Better Wedding Gift Ideas

By Natalie Glass

Depending on the amount of friends and family that you happen to have, you may find yourself invited to many weddings throughout the year. With the way that weddings and trends have changed over time, it is not unusual that you will want to make sure that you have the perfect gift to give for each and every one that you attend.

This means a whole lot more than simply picking out a card and slapping some money inside. You want to leave a great impression with the happy couple, which will mean putting a little bit of thought into your wedding gift ideas.

Certainly, gift cards are always a great item to give at weddings, for your best friend to one of your closest cousins in the family. Whereas years ago, a gift card from a local store may have been looked at as being tacky or thoughtless, many couples today really enjoy receiving such a gift.

They can head out to the store or hit their computer and shop online for the items they want and need. It is simply a matter of finding one with the gift card balance you have in mind. Consider getting one from their favorite store.

A Visa Gift Card

For example, you could buy a Macys gift card or a Target gift card. Or, perhaps a Visa gift card which can be used anywhere would be better. Cards are considered very acceptable as wedding gifts in our modern times.

Sometimes even the most simple of wedding gift ideas can be among the most appreciated. If you are going to give a giftcard, then it’s best to give one that is sealed safely in some type of packaging.

You don’t want the numbers of the card to be displayed for the obvious reason. This safety precaution insures that the number hasn’t been stolen prior to your purchase.

Gift Cards Are Available Everywhere

Gift cards can be found virtually everywhere these days. They can be found in gift shops, grocery stores, movie theaters and restaurants to name a few. Just make sure you ask enough questions to understand the variables involved.

A tight budget doesn’t have to be a problem when you’re trying to come up with great wedding gift ideas. If you’re really short of funds and want to give a great gift, then "gift" yourself.

There is not a more personalized wedding gift than that. Offer your services for housecleaning, babysitting, pet-sitting, gardening, house painting or other chores the newlyweds just may not have time for while they are getting settled.

Also consider a donation in the name of the couple to a favorite charity. All of these are great gift giving suggestions.

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More Romantic Gift Facts....

What happens if the item costs more than the gift card is for?
If you are using a regular gift card from a store or restaurant, you will have to pay the remainder yourself out of pocket. If you are using a prepaid debit card or prepaid credit card (both of which are essentially the same), you may be denied the entire purchase.

Be aware of how much money is remaining on your card. If you know that you only have $100.00 on the prepaid credit card and the total amount of the bill is $125.00, you can pay a portion with the gift card and then pay the rest out of your own pocket.



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