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Wedding Favors For A Distance Wedding

By Natalie Glass

The latest marriage survey found that 10% of Americans tying the knot are choosing to have a destination wedding. This type of ceremony occurs outside of the couple’s home state, usually in Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica or the Bahamas.

The idea behind a destination wedding is that the breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather and vacation-like ambiance will resemble that feeling of blissful new love and will ensure that all who attend will have the best possible experience.

Along with a destination wedding comes other responsibilities for the bride and groom, such as procuring special wedding favors that ensure their guests have as comfortable and worthwhile a stay as possible.

Special Wedding Favors For Destination Weddings

After all, beach wedding favors should reflect the understanding that the guests had to take the time off work and spend a good deal of money getting to this far-off location.

There are certain "universal" wedding favors that can be used for just about any destination, whether you’re jet-setting to a Caribbean beach, an Alaskan cruise ship or the Smoky Mountains.

Anyone who hauls luggage across America and beyond should have a solid set of luggage tags, complete with name, address, phone number and some identifying mark to alert travelers to their own luggage.

Travel Wedding Favors Make The Trip More Comfortable For Your Guests

Therefore, the luggage tag wedding reception party favor idea is always a good one. Mini travel cases can be filled with goodies like mints, almonds, candy or bath beads. Sometimes kits with manicure or shaving items can be a comfort when your guests are away from their creature comforts.

Travel incense, room fragrance spray and candle favors are often needed when you’re on the road. Mini photo albums give your family and friends an appropriate place to display their memories.

Party Favor Supplies To Suit Your Theme

There are also wedding favors that are well-suited for specific destinations. Different destinations may conjure up themes like beach, tropical island, mountain, western/country, skiing, casino, nautical or Disney.

When particular themes are selected, the party favor supplies may range from personalized flip-flops (beach), palm tree beer koozies (tropical), personalized party favor ornaments (winter) and cowboy hats filled with candy (western), to mugs with hot cocoa and marshmallows (skiing), custom playing cards (casino), sailboat tea light covers (nautical) or Cinderella themed curio carriages (Disney).

Making A Bold And Dramatic Statement With Your Theme And Destination

Your theme and destination should ultimately say something about you as a couple, while reinforcing your overall concept to make a bold and dramatic statement, no matter where you are.

If you’ve chosen a special location, then you may want wedding favors that come from local sources. For instance, your cake baker could come from the area or you might use bottles of the local specialty, such as barbecue sauce, ethnic spices, marinating sauce or a special drink.

If you’re in another country, your personalized wedding favors can be mini flags or be written in another language. You may want to give your guests local art, music CDs, pottery or handmade jewelry. Weddings that take into account people’s curiosity about the area and seek to leave a cultural impact can be the most memorable.

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More Party Favors Facts....

Have you ever been to a great party and come away from it laughing and having a good time? Think back to what that party had going on for it. Chances are there were cool decorations, a unique invitation and party favors for guests to take home.

If you want to make your party successful you need the right favors, decorations and invitations to set it apart from other parties. Imagine having a Halloween party where guests take home paper skulls filled with candy. Favors do not have to be expensive and can be as whimsical as you want.



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