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Valentines Day Celebrations Of Love And Romance

By John Rafter

Valentines Day celebrations doesn’t mean the same today as it did thousands of years ago. We celebrate a watered down version of romance and pining for someone’s affections. Consider the days when people had to marry in secret because their love was against the law.

Thankfully today, it is a reminder to spend time with your partner and it is a healthy tradition. Some people agonize over finding the right Valentines gift but the most important thing is that the feelings are genuine.

Though we learned much about Saint Valentine in school as a martyr, the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Paul VI removed Valentines Day from its calendars as recently as 1969 because they stated, "Though the memorial of Saint Valentine is ancient, it is left to particular calendars, since, apart from his name, nothing is known of Saint Valentine except that he was buried on the Via Flaminia on February 14."

Valentine Secretly Married Couples

However, the prevailing traditional stories indicate that Saint Valentine was jailed under the terrible reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius, who made it illegal for his subjects to marry because he felt men were refusing to join his army out of love for their lovers or children.

Nevertheless, Valentine continued to secretly marry couples until he was seized, beaten with clubs, stoned and beheaded on February 14th, 269 A.D. Legend has it, he cured the jailer’s daughter of blindness and penned her a letter from jail, signed "From Your Valentine."

Feast Of Lupercalia

Another alleged root of Valentines Day celebrations dates back to 44 B.C. and ancient Rome’s February the 15th Feast of Lupercalia. On the eve of the festival (what we celebrate as Valentines Day), each boy would draw the name of a girl from a slip of paper in a jar, who would then be his partner for the duration of the festival.

Sometimes these pairings would last the entire year or lead to marriage. The festival itself was quite different than our modern traditions of bestowing flowers and chocolate. They would sacrifice two male goats and a dog, have a feast and go wild.

Noble Youths Running Up And Down The City

Greek Historian Plutarch described it: "At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy."

"Valentines Day celebrations has gone in and out of vogue," says Henry Ansgar Kelly, Director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA. "In the 16th century in Genoa you have it, but there is not much notice of it in other countries."

A Romantic Holiday

In fact, the only countries that celebrate February 14th as a romantic holiday are the US, Mexico, Canada, France, Australia and the UK. Even though the history remains murky and the traditions vary, you and your partner can decide what Valentines Day means to you and go from there.

You may be the sentimental type to indulge in Valentine roses or you may choose to forego the traditional route and instead spend the evening having a comfortable, low-key dinner at home.

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