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Valentines Day Is The Day To Show True Love

By Julia Styles

Valentines Day is one day of the year when couples can show their love for each other. Be it a gift of flowers or spending time together, when a lot of time is spent away at work. Some couples may even live in different cities or different countries, but they use this day to show love and respect for one another.

For couples who don’t lead complicated lives, they may find they do not need to celebrate their love just one day of the year. They could show love every day. This would be true love.

Suddenly, when February arrives, couples rack their brains over what to do for Valentine’s Day. For married couples, there isn’t too much of a dilemma - tradition usually prevails. But, for newly dating couples, it becomes a dramatic situation. They don’t want to appear too mushy so early in a relationship, but don’t want to seem unromantic.

I remember being in their shoes and hating the holiday with a passion. When you’ve been dating for a while, it can still be dramatic as the females may start hoping for a ring for Valentine’s Day. What a mess.

Commercialization of a special day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Restaurants advertise romantic dinner specials and accept reservations. Florists hire extra delivery drivers for taking all of the flower creations to their recipients.

Department stores sell lots of extra jewelry and perfume during the romantic season. Some people walk around pouting while others walk around with a happy glow surrounding them. For some people, like me, it is nothing but an annoying holiday.

Romance should be all year round

My husband and I got married two weeks before Valentine’s Day, so we kind of combine the two occasions and celebrate just once. However, I don’t feel that romance should be shown only once a year. It is something that should be acted upon throughout the year to show sincerity. Anybody can send flowers and candy to a loved one.

That isn’t showing love or romance - that’s just showing that you remembered the holiday. Showing love and romance would be flowers and candy on an unexpected day during the year.

My personal favorite is seeing how many penny pinchers save money by sending flowers a few days before Valentine’s Day because it is cheaper. What? Don’t let your loved one think that you’re cheap. A coworker’s husband does that every year.

He sends them to her office three days before Valentine’s Day claiming that he wants her to enjoy them for an entire week. Whatever. We all know he’s saving money by doing it that way.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a loved one, but make sure that they know you love them throughout the other 11 months of the year as well.

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