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Valentine Day Gifts For The Man In Your Life

By John Rafter

Admit it; the first person who springs to mind when talking about Valentine Day gifts is usually a woman. That’s probably because this celebration seems especially tailored to women, with gifts of jewelry, chocolates and so on.

Those just aren’t the sort of things you think of, as gifts for a man. Yet in most couples, the gender split is fifty-fifty, and one expects to give gifts to the man as well as the woman. If the man doesn’t go for the more sentimental type of gift, then what sorts of gifts would serve as well?

Gifts for men need to be tailored to the interests of the man. The primary goal of the gift-giver should be not to give their man something that they themselves most value, but something that the actual receiver of the gift will value.

Knowing The Character And Interests Of The Man

Sometimes this requires considerable insight and review into the character and interests of the man in question. So for example, if the man enjoys food or fine dining, then the best Valentine’s Day gift might involve making up a picnic basket of his favorite dishes, or taking him to the swankiest restaurant in town on the special day.

If a woman wants to give something more tangible and lasting, then that’s where the insight is most needed in selecting Valentine Day gifts. If he’s on the computer most of his time, then something like a personalized mouse would be a good gift.

A Gift For A Handyman

If he’s a handyman, a visit to a big hardware store is sure to reveal some unusual gadget he doesn’t have, within a decent price range. This would be a unique Valentine gift that isn’t sentimental, but would show that the woman understands what is important to her man.

A woman can always go the more traditional route when getting Valentine Day gifts for the man in her life.

Ideas For Meaningful Gifts

But while they include suggestions like the usual cuff links and cologne, websites like and also serve as an excellent Valentine’s Day guide for things that go beyond those more standard gifts.

What often makes the most meaningful gift for anyone, male or female, is the type of present that isn’t what everyone else is giving, but instead is something that fits that particular person in a unique way.

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Is there actually a book that is a Valentine’s Day Guide?
There are many, many books that are essentially guides to Valentine’s Day. But a Valentine’s Day Guide can also come in the form of the myriad magazines that you can easily find at your local bookstore or grocery store.

Most magazines and websites feature special Valentine’s Day suggestions that fit a wide range of needs. Recipe books will feature dishes you can create to make that special dinner for your loved one. Other magazines may talk about the "must have" Valentine gifts for the year.

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