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Vacation At Home And Escaping A Stressful Employment Environment

By Julia Barnes

Perhaps you don’t have the money to take a real vacation this year, but you know you need a breather from your stressful work environment. "It’s okay," you tell yourself. "I’ll just stay home and do nothing!"

But you soon find out that taking a vacation at home doesn’t come naturally. You’re tempted to work on home improvement projects, paint rooms, garden, clean the floors, do the dishes, finish that mound of laundry and cook elaborate meals.

By the week’s end, you may actually feel happy to go back to work after all the drudgery you’ve done, and worse still, you’re not likely to feel refreshed at all!

Employees Not Taking A Paid Vacation

"I think there are new innovative ways to think of vacation," says Lois Backon, vice president of the Families and Work Institute. "Maybe you don’t get to go to Cancun, but you can still take a break from your work."

In a 2005, the Families and Work Institute discovered that up to one-third of employees who get paid vacation time don’t use it all, for fear of getting too far behind or being unable to afford a trip.

Get Away From The Office And Maintain Your Sanity

She says it’s important that people get away from the office and at least vacation at home once in a while to ensure mental sanity. Employees who don’t take vacations report feeling more stressed, more overworked and more aggravated with coworkers than those who spent some time away.

Moreover, these overworked employees happened to have more unscheduled absences and made more mistakes on the job.

Hire Cleaning Crews To Clean Your Home While You Take A Break

Joye Marino of Baltimore, Maryland decided to vacation at home after having two knee replacement surgeries. She said, "I’m a hairdresser so I stand up all day. I knew that if I didn’t take care of everything at home, I would find more projects to get into and go back to work just as tired as when I left."

So she hired cleaning crews to wash windows, scrub floors, polish furniture and work on her garden, while she made a stained glass window, spent time outdoors, cooked gourmet meals like lobster tails and simply relaxed.

Paradise At Home And Visiting Locations In Your Old Neighbourhood

In the future, Marino would like to travel to Australia, but at present, she was completely happy just taking that break from work. "This can be paradise, I’m here to tell you," she said.

A vacation at home could be an excellent bonding opportunity for parents and children. For instance, 46-year-old Michael Bombardiere says he’ll take his 11-year-old son to sentimental locations in his old neighborhood.

"It gives him a chance to see things that are right in front of his face," he says. His New York City tour includes a spot along the East River where he met his wife, the restaurant where they had their first drink together, his brother’s house and a friend’s restaurant. "This is something he should know, you know what I mean?" Mr. Bombardiere explains.

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More Staycation Facts....

What is a staycation?
Though the term is actually a new buzz word, chances are you already know what a staycation actually is. It is a vacation that you take at home. Some people elect to use their accrued sick time and take a day off here and there to get things done around the home.

But with a staycation you use it just as you would a vacation. You can do household repairs but many people just hang out at home relaxing. They make time to do actually nothing of importance besides relax. You do not have to worry about traveling or hotels. You stay at home.



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