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Travel Scam Victims Accepting Cheap Deals

By Julia Barnes

Travel scam victims can be stranded in the middle of nowhere, without a plane to take you home or hotel accommodation.

These victims are easy targets for fraud, and they can get quite expensive, especially if you have to pay for hotel accommodation and an airline ticket back home, costs you thought you already paid. You need to review your options and know how you can avoid becoming the next victim of a travel scam.

It is not easy to avoid these scams. You can take every precaution possible and still get stung. But, taking no precautions at all, will make the traveler more susceptible to these scams. Knowing the signs, can help travelers avoid travel scams.

An Offer Too Good To Be True

If you receive an offer too good to be true, then there is a good chance that it is a scam. This does not mean you should just write off any such agreement, but you should take a closer look at the details and read the fine print.

If you are not confident about the reputation of the sources making you the offer, then be extremely skeptical, seek as much information as possible, and then think about why this incredible offer is being made.

If In Doubt, Skip The Offer

Your safest option is to skip the offer. You may pay more, for a more reputable service provider, but your holiday last minute deal will not leave you stranded.

There are legitimate last minute travel deals where airlines and cruise ships are trying to fill up with passengers before they leave, and they are known for these type of offers. If the booking is made before departure, you can usually save a fortune.

Booking In Advance For Last Minute Travel

You may realize that this makes sense. What makes no sense, is the offer that requires you to book immediately, although departure is one or two months away. If there is no rationale for this type of offer, then confirm with the airline or the cruise ship service that it is a legitimate offer, otherwise the offer may be part of a credit card scam.

High Price For A Free Treat

If you notice hard sales tactics to sell a holiday, like continually referring to the free parts of the offer, then your suspicions should be raised. There must be a high price for something in the offer, in order to get all these free, complimentary trinkets to entice you to accept the offer.

A Low Entry Price With Options To Upgrade

When planning for your vacation with a reputable travel agent, you will be offered an agreement with a low price and then be offered upgrades to enhance your holiday. This is natural, intelligent and pretty good business, even if you have all you need at the lower price.

Scammers will start making you think everything is at the low price first and then start adding costs for items you thought you already paid. If this happens to you, then do not keep falling deeper into the scam. Cut your losses and run, and then try to recover your costs later, if possible.

Need The Name Of Airline, Cruise Ship And Hotel Accommodation

If the travel arrangement does not specifically mention the name of the airline and hotel accommodation you are staying in, then your suspicions should be raised.

There is no legitimate reason for a reputable travel agency to keep such important information from its customers. Ask questions and if you are not satisfied with the answers, then seek another travel agent, until you get all the information you need.

The more information you have, helps to reduce the risk of you becoming another travel scam victim.

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