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Travel Ideas And A Camping Culture

By Julia Barnes

For families who have "been there, done that," sometimes the best vacations are those close to home. "Last year we did a cruise," says Michelle Young, 33, from Shirley, New York. This year, she decided to take her young children to Wildwood State Park beach just twenty miles from home.

"We thought about going to Hershey Park," she says, but just doing that now can cost a small fortune between park tickets, gas prices and high-season weekend hotel rates. The New York Times recommends a number of travel ideas for people who are looking for a nice, stress-free getaway close to home.

Families Traveling To Nearby Tourist Spots

For Dawn Connolly, a 29-year-old teacher from Matawan, New Jersey, traveling 30 miles to the Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk for shopping and eating worked out just fine. "Between the price of airfare and gas, it’s just too expensive," Connolly says, adding that day trips work much better for her family.

Similarly, 48-year-old Claire L’Heureux and her family traveled an hour from Wallingford, Connecticut to Mystic Seaport Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut, where they marveled at Beluga whales. "Usually we rent a house on the Cape or something," said L’Heureux. "Not this year. We’re having a ‘staycation,’ which is what they’re calling it this year."

Camping For Families And Couples

Camping is still one of the most popular travel ideas for many families. While cabin rentals aren’t necessarily cheap, pitching a tent costs next to nothing. Families cook s’mores, hotdogs and hamburgers, play board games, fish and take hiking expeditions.

Couples looking for romance might grill up some steaks, take a canoe or sailboat ride on the lake, and spend quality time talking, surrounded by the beauty of nature. "Last year was a really good year for camping," states Lisa Marshall, a P.R. rep from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. "That has a lot to do with the economy.

Travelers are looking for value so camping reservations were very strong. People are scaling back; they don’t want to give up vacations entirely, and we have a very diverse and rich camping experience here in Wisconsin. It is part of the culture."

There Is Still A Need For A Vacation Far, Far Away

Staycations aren’t for everyone, of course. Some people need their time away -- far away. For example, Karen and Michael Engelhardt of Long Beach just returned from their vacation in CancĂșn.

While they review their options and choose to spend an extra couple of days relaxing in chairs at Wildwood State Park, they say they just needed to get out of town for a week. "We deserve it," says Ms. Engelhardt. "I’d rather cut back in other ways. We like shopping, so I’ve been trying to cut down on that.

We don’t eat out as much as we used to." Perhaps 2010 will have more vacationers seeking far-flung travel and tourism ideas, and they will venture further from home after all.

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More Staycation Facts....

How can I stop work from interfering with my staycation?
If you were on a normal vacation you would simply tell work that you were not available at such and such time and days. You need to stick with that during your staycation. If it helps, do not tell people you are staying home for your vacation this year.

If they ask where you are spending your vacation you can be mysterious and tell them that it is a secret. Or you can take the direct approach and tell work that you are completely unavailable during your staycation. Some people feel that they cannot leave work completely unattended so you can choose how often you accept phone calls or emails.

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