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Travel Blogs Detailing Traveling Experiences

By Julia Barnes

The best travel blogs are about off-the-beaten-path adventures. They’ll tell you where most tourists go, but they’ll also tell you about hidden gems and special situations they’ve stumbled upon.

They’ll describe places and events in detail, so you wish you were there. The presentation will look professional, not like some eighties hack-job. The information provided will be relevant, high-quality and true.

The reputation of the writer will be top-caliber, so you know you can trust the travel and tourism advice given. Here are some travel-related blogs to look out for.

A Digital Portfolio Of 14 Different Countries

Forbes Magazine recommends as one of the best blogs about traveling. Writer Michael Pugh is a self-described "20-something optimist from Chicago" who worked as an Internet copywriter but always dreamt of traveling.

He’s currently building a digital portfolio of fourteen different countries -- from Tanzania, Thailand and Cambodia to Uganda, Vietnam and India. He rides ostriches in South Africa, visits rat temples in India, treks gorillas in Uganda, fires M-16s in Cambodia, and finds healthy $4 meals in Bangkok. In addition to travel stories, you’ll also find many photos and videos to wet your appetite for travel.

A Walk Around The World Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

Another one of the travel blogs to review and check out is motivational speaker Polly Letofsky’s Global Walk site (). Global Walk chronicles a 15,000 mile walk around the world done to raise money for breast cancer research.

This website serves as more of a video blog than a written blog. There’s a movie out about her travels through New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, London England, Scotland, Colorado, Arizona and California.

This story is particularly interesting because it shows how travel and tourism can be undertaken for a good cause.

Traveling On Their Honeymoon

Couple Tony and Maureen Wheeler "earned, begged and borrowed" their way through Europe, Asia and Australia on their honeymoon. After their amazing experiences, their friends urged them to begin travel blogs to let others know of their experiences.

Their first guidebook -- "Across Asia On The Cheap" -- sold 15,000 copies and was born. Since then, nearly every country you can think of has been added to this comprehensive site.

You’ll get an overview, maps, a list of top attractions, advice on what time of year to go, as well as stories about wildlife, history, places, hotels and transportation. If you’d like, you can even purchase one of their longer guidebooks before your next trip.

Please note: Prices may change without notice. Please contact travel agents, airlines, service providers and or websites for the most current prices.

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