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Tourist Attractions All Over California

By Julia Barnes

Tourist attractions that can be found around the country. When families are planning for their annual family vacation, often vacation travel to the state of California is high on the list of potential destinations.

California has long been a hot spot for travel of all kinds, but especially for family trips. There are various attractions and destinations that appeal to many different tastes and interests, and as an additional bonus, there is a good chance of nice weather no matter what time of the year the vacation is taken.

No matter whether the family is interested in activities in the cities of California and the big theme parks that are so plentiful, or they are more inclined to enjoy the breathtaking mountains, the lush and ancient forests, or the miles and miles of beautiful beaches, there is no doubt that there are enough attractions to provide many options.

Family Vacation In California

In fact, vacationing in California will probably mean that there will be much more to see than most families will have time to visit, so there’s not much chance of boredom being a problem during a family vacation in this state.

One of the first things that will spring to mind when people start a review of their options and are thinking about visiting California are the big, well-known tourist attractions. These attractions can even be destinations in and of themselves, but most people choose to visit more than one. On top of those major theme parks, there are also a number of slightly quirky and somewhat humorous types of attractions as well.

The Museum Of Pez Memorabilia

For instance, one of the attractions near San Francisco, which is gaining a surprising following, is the Museum of Pez Memorabilia. Yes, that’s right; the little Pez candy dispenser everyone remembers from their youth has been honored with its very own museum.

The museum contains not only the officially released Pez dispensers made by the company itself, but also features a collection of some "fantasy Pez dispensers" that have been produced by an "underground" market.

Including some of these off-the-beaten paths, quirky kinds of attractions in the family vacation plans will help make the overall trip even more memorable and fun as well. It’s probably a good bet that your child will be the only one in their class to report that they visited the Pez museum during their vacation travel.

Tourist Attractions In The San Francisco Area

While in the San Francisco area, there are many wonderful sights that should not be missed. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world’s most popular attractions, and for good reason. In addition, no visit to San Francisco should be considered complete without a stop by the historic and popular Fisherman’s Wharf or Alcatraz.

Within a couple hours drive of the Bay Area, the Napa Valley awaits visitors with an array of tourist spots all its own. With vineyards to explore, wine tasting, fine gourmet restaurants to delight in, and plush boutique hotels to luxuriate in, it is no wonder why the quaint small towns of the Napa Valley are some of the most popular tourist destinations anywhere in the states.

Seek Discount Vacation Deals

One great way to maximize the travel budget for the family vacation is to spend some extra time seeking out discount vacation deals that include some tickets for the major tourist attractions where you are headed.

Often families get to enjoy cheap vacations that give them some extra money to spend on buying souvenirs and seeing additional sights because of these package deals.

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