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Timeshare Resort For Your Next Getaway

By Julia Barnes

From the Swiss Alps to the Hawaiian Islands, timeshare resort properties offer owners some of the most spectacular views and finest amenities available in the world.

Although shared property opportunities have been around for over four decades, the confusing details of ownership have caused many people to pass on the prospect of vacation timeshare. In reality, ownership is a very basic concept, and while there are downsides, there are many benefits that make the opportunity worth considering.

Basically, owning a timeshare property means sharing vacation time with the other owners. In other words, one vacation condo unit can be used up to 52 weeks per year, allowing up to 52 different owners to stay in that unit for one week each.

With Timeshare Only You And Your Partner Owners Stay In Your Unit

In a regular hotel and resort business, that unit is rented through reservations or the arrival of hotel guests. Once they leave, housekeepers clean the rooms and the unit is ready to rent again. With time shares, you have shared ownership of your unit, and you share in the expense of maintenance and upkeep. You and your partner owners are the only people who stay in your unit.

Of course, there are other options for timeshare resort ownership. Some properties allow owners to purchase blocks of time, rather than units. If you purchase a specific period of time, then you are able to stay at the resort during that time.

Timeshare Owners May Purchase A Floating Block Of Time

If, on the other hand, you purchase a floating block of time, then you can use all or part of your time whenever a unit is available. You can even sell time to others to help cover the cost of your investment. Timeshare owners may even have the option of exchanging time at one resort for time at another resort, and some properties allow for earning points that can be used to obtain car rentals, airline tickets, and additional rental times.

Even with ownership, reservations are still necessary in a timeshare resort. To avoid having empty units, as well as losing money, some properties allow non-owners to rent rooms that have not been reserved. If the units are all rented, arriving owners will find there is nothing available.

Reservations made early in the year can also help ensure owners that they get their ideal vacation dates, particularly in high-demand resorts. Of course, even with that minor drawback, ownership of time shares afford the opportunity to explore the finest resorts and most beautiful views the world has to offer.

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More Vacation Getaway Facts....

What is a deeded timeshare?
A deeded timeshare is where you own the timeshare out right. You own it indefinitely. It is your real property and can be sold as such. You will still own it jointly with other owners and you will still have your allotted time schedule but you have a bit more economic freedom. You do not have to worry about your timeshare lease coming to an end. You can also leave it to heirs just as you would any other property.

It is important to know the difference before you sign your paperwork on the timeshare. A decision made in haste without knowing the full details could come back and haunt you later down the road. Just make sure to ask any questions and do some researching before you sign the ownership papers or hand over any money.

They can use the timeshare that week, exchange it with someone else for a timeshare in a different destination and time period or they can give it as a gift. It is extremely versatile and can make them a profit should they wish to sell their timeshare later in the future.

It is a way of being able to go on vacation and not have to stay with relatives, friends or rent a hotel room. It is marketed as being very cost efficient and can be extremely profitable for those who know how to buy and sell timeshare properties.



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