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Thongs And Fashion

By Julia Barnes

Thongs seem to be making their way into the vastness of debate. Models in lingerie are one thing but many people are finding that they are confronted with the image of thongs peeking out of jeans each time they go out of their house.

As the jeans creep lower onto the hips, the thongs rise above as a reminder of whether or not we approve the idea of showing our intimates to strangers. The debate does not stop there, though.

The idea of thongs for children has become a hot topic. A few years ago Abercrombie and Gap debuted a line of thongs and underwear geared for the ’tween’ generation. The tween years are girls between the ages of 9 to 13.

Young Girls Wearing Thongs

The new line of dainty panties set off huge parental alarms and made the national news. The argument was that lingerie models showing their delicates on the catwalk was fine but seeing young girls wearing thongs that said ’What Daddy Doesn’t Know" was crossing the line.

Parents are faced with new problems as their daughters grow. Once upon a time there was not much thought given to whether a girl would be allowed to wear hip hugging jeans with her thongs showing because it simply was not an option.

Older Men Soliciting Younger Girls

Dateline NBC continuously reminds parents of the dangers of older men soliciting younger girls. These pedophiles are soliciting girls around the age of twelve. Many parents believe that this rise in pedophile activity towards young girls is the result of designers pushing young girls into looking older with their clothing line.

Let’s face the facts. No one wants to see a sea of thongs peeking out when we drop our children off at middle school. Somewhere the line between adults in lingerie has crossed over into children wearing lingerie. As with any issue, fingers immediately begin pointing out who is to blame.

Who is to blame for this problem? Is it the drunken pop star that is proud to show her thongs off in public? Is it the designer for trying to make money off celebrities by creating a line of thongs aimed at young girls?

Current Fashion Trends

To thong or not to thong, that is the question. Parents are faced with the difficult dilemma of whether or not to allow their daughters to follow current fashion trends, thongs included. The young girls see their idols on television wearing them, so why can’t they?

Britney Spears has trouble with not showing her underwear, if she is wearing any, so if she is doing it, why can’t they? Schools can mandate dress codes but the ultimate reality is that it is the parents that are buying the clothing.

Teens may profess not to care what other teens think of their clothes but we, as adults, know better. We have been through that awkward stage in life. A thong professing "Slut Puppy" may never be seen by another but it still does not change the overall thinking process directed towards the girl or woman wearing them.

Thongs are debatable but hopefully a little bit of education can go a long way into teaching teens what is acceptable and what is not.

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Did You Know?

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