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The Zodiac Signs Helping To Guide Your Relationships

By Jane Mineralis

Compatible zodiac signs are something to consider even if you are more of a fan of science based decisions. You do not have to take the zodiac signs to heart, but it does not hurt to examine those horoscope signs and see if they apply to you. But for many people it is more than just a token hobby to read their horoscopes.

It is the basis upon which all of their relationships are formed. These individuals are weary of the dating field and constantly meeting people with whom they have nothing in common. They need additional reassurance that there is some form of compatibility.

Relations Fail Due To Lack Of Compatibility

Compatibility horoscopes proclaim that the lack of compatibleness is the number one reason why relationships fail. The old "pick up line" used in bars was the overused phrase "What’s your sign?" This has been replaced with the more direct "My zodiac sign is..." Perhaps this is to limit the amount of small talk it takes to get to know another person.

Most people read their horoscope religiously every day. They want to know what is going to happen in their love life. Many people place extreme significance and ongoing review of their zodiac sign compatibility. The real question is whether or not it is a hoax or if it’s the hard truth.

Astrologers And Astronomers Would Work Together

For a long time, the zodiac signs were more than just a way to predict how relationships would go. Long ago, astrology and astronomy gurus worked together to create a roadmap of the heavens so that travelers would know where they were going.

The divinations based on the stars would later cause the rift between astrology and astronomy due to the lack of science in astrology. Astrologists used the stars to predict human traits and love matches, which did not fit in with the science of astronomy.

Persecution Of Astrology Followers

The big issue is still one of belief. Christianity, though once having used those same constellations and stars, persecuted many followers of astrology for being witches. It is believed to be nothing more than charlatans preying on the weak minded and those easily swayed by a few encouraging words. But does it actually come down to believing in something enough to make events really happen?

Compatible zodiac signs are the corner stone of many relationships. People believe in the zodiac signs and what those signs predict. The zodiac sign compatibility is something that they look for in a potential or current partner.

Perhaps it is a reassurance that something good will come out of the relationship and that they will get along. But there is more to a relationship than just the zodiac, and two zodiac signs that are compatible are not the only factors that govern a healthy, lasting relationship.

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