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Teen Relationship Advice And Resolving Difficult Issues

By Jane Healy

Teen relationship advice is offered online, in teen magazines and dedicated youth clubs. But the best advice, if a teenager is having relationship problems, is to refer the teen to professional counseling.

Especially when matters are getting worse and may lead to an emotional and depressive state. To prevent this state occurring, a professionally trained relationships counselor or a school counselor may give the best teen relationship advice.

Your main aim is to avoid deterioration of the current situation. If the current situation is getting worse, then refer the teen to professional counseling.

Quickly Resolved

Some matters can be quickly resolved, especially if matters are fairly simple. But if there are serious issues like teen suicide, depression and teenage pregnancy, then a referral to the school counselor would be the best course of action.

A number of schools these days, have their own school counselor, but some students can be referred to a professional counseling service that could help resolve most issues.

Often Asked For Teen Relationship Advice

As a teacher, you will probably be surprised at how often I get asked for teen relationship advice. You see, teens have no one good to ask for relationship problems advice. They could talk to their parents, of course, but none of them want to do that.

Parents are in a position of authority, and anyway, the teens cannot go to them as an impartial listener. I am a younger teacher – only 26 – so teens see me as practically a peer even though I am 10 years older.

Best Teen Relationship Advice

I try to lend my ear and give the best teen relationship advice that I can, but it can be pretty tricky. After all, as an authority figure and a teacher, I am in a very difficult position.

Online Relationship Quiz

An online quiz about whether you should break up with your boyfriend doesn’t have to report potential abuse, for example. It doesn’t have to report drug use either. neither do the advice columns. Teachers, however, have to report practically everything.

I can give teen relationship advice, but there are many details that I would rather not know. After all, I hate to have to report them.

Most Teen Relationship Issues

Fortunately, most of the teen relationship issues that people talk about, I don’t have to report. I can give teen relationship advice even when the relationship is getting pretty serious. After all, I am not directly responsible to the parents.

I am merely responsible to the state and the school board as well as the teens. When I give teenage relationship advice, I can talk fairly freely. I don’t have to always be a teacher.

Nonetheless, kids go to me for teen relationships advice because they want to hear from an adult voice. I am not simply an older and wiser one of their peers.

Spend A Lot Of Time Listening

My advice for anyone who is in a position where they have to give advice for teens relationships is to spend a lot of time listening. Often, the teens already know what is the right choice.

It is simply that everything is so new to them, and it can be helpful for them to be able to air their concerns.

Serious Matters

But I have found the best relationship advice should be gained from the school counselor. Especially when situations get tense or emotional and serious matters like teen suicide and teenage pregnancy are raised.

As I do not know much about these serious teen issues, I always now refer the students to the school counselor who is trained in these matters and should give the right advice and help avoid any serious situations from evolving or getting worse.

So if the teen is asking me about serious matters, I always refer my students to the school counselor for the best teen relationship advice.

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