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Teen Identity Crisis And Looking For Solutions

By Janine Jensenoris

Since the beginning of recorded human history, we can read about the struggles that young people go through as they grow and develop into adulthood.

As teenagers come into their own, they often can’t decide if they want to embrace the ideals that they have grown up with, or if they want to abandon them and develop their own. The nature of this teen identity crisis, plays a key role in the development of your teen.

During the teen years, there are several things to be concerned about. To the teen, the main concern is an identity. During these years, the adolescent forms opinions and ideas about the world.

Teens Looking For Ways To Fit In A Complex World

At the same time, they are also trying to figure out who they are as an individual person. It is important to the teen to figure out and review how they fit into the world that surrounds them.

One thing that you will notice as teens begin to develop their own identity is how they dress begins to play a large role in their behavior. You will notice that the amount of time that they spend getting ready to leave the house will increase and that every small detail of their appearance will become very important to them.

The Teens Years

Chances are that as they try to overcome their teen identity crisis, they are using their physical appearance to make a statement of the identity that they are creating. To be caught in public without wearing that identity could be catastrophic.

It is during the teen years when the future becomes a main concern. That is why most teens are either busy flipping through college brochures or they are working on a vocational skill that will help them develop a living after high school.

Searching For A Compatible Date

Many teens are also concerned with building strong friendships as they want to belong to a group of their peers. The fear of "cooties" is replaced with an attraction to the opposite sex in most cases. This search for a mate is also an instinctive need as teens are experimenting with compatibility factors.

With identity being such a large factor in an adolescent’s life, many of them experiment with different ones. They are searching for a person that they are comfortable being and may also look for this in a role model to help overcome their teen identity crisis.

Search For Identity May Continue To The Young Adult Years

Finding an identity that one feels comfortable with is not always easy, however. Oftentimes, the search spills over into the young adult years. Most teens, though, are eventually successful in creating a somewhat unique identity that is accepted by their peers.

Parents that understand a teen’s desire to satisfy both of these needs can help to guide and influence their teen on a path that will be socially and academically productive.

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