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Better Teen Dating Tips And Ideas

By Julia Styles

Teen dating online is a new way for teens to meet new dates. They can browse and review dating profiles for prospective teens and then decide if they want to go the next step.

While checking online for teen dating profiles, my daughter is also seeking dating advice. She seems to meet the wrong guys and despite her efforts, doesn’t seem to attract Mr Right. So she thinks if she can get some teen relationship advice online, then she can be more ready to attract and meet the right guy.

But all this teen dating advice is confusing as it often contradicts all the other information she is getting from different websites, her friends and myself. Sometimes, advice given on one website contradicts advice on another website. Confusing her more.

She even looks for advice on teen weight loss, but she is of average weight so I have told her not to panic and lose even more weight and to avoid looking like those teen super models who only have just skin and bones. I told her, she could loose the attraction to guys her age if she is too skinny.

Dating Profiles

To be more careful of her choices, she looks at all these dating profiles on online dating websites and she makes a decision on meetings. At the first meeting, she likes to bring a friend along, for safety reasons.

She has heard stories, from her friends about people not telling the truth when giving their profiles online. The person may not be who they say they are and the picture may be of someone else or out of date(i.e. taken years ago).

The idea of your teen dating, can strike fear into the hearts of the parents in question. You’ve been around the block and know that things can go wrong in the dating scene. After all, you were once a teenager!

Bad Memories Of A Teenager

Maybe you remember coming home crying, because your date turned out to be too aggressive, or made a mean remark about your outfit. But not all your dates turned out that way. Some dates were thrilling, with compliments and fun from beginning to end. So it’s not all bad news.

There will be ups and downs, and your job as a parent is to be there for your teen and guide them in this new interaction with their peers.

Preparation Starts At Home

The best preparation for teen dating starts at home. Young people base their expectations on the model you provide. Long before teen dating comes into their consciousness, kids see how their parents interact. Issues like respect for each other, compromise, privacy and assertive behavior are demonstrated at home between parents.

When you and your partner have arguments, they are usually resolved in a compromise, with a little give and take on both sides. These are social skills that will help them in the teen dating scene.

Supportive Guidance

Approach teen dating with confidence. Giving supportive guidance without being intrusive and keeping them safe are your primary goals. Here are a few ideas to get your teen started in the dating scene.

Encourage double dates or group activities for starters. This makes it easier for your child to get into the swing of teen dating. A double date at the county fair allows both girls and boys to be more relaxed with one another and just have fun.

A Group Of Boys And Girls

Both boys and girls have someone of their own gender to chat with if self-conscious or nervous feelings surface. A group of boys and girls going bowling or to the skating rink is another good choice. It will help them build confidence in teen dating.

Teens are very sensitive about the subject of teen dating. Be careful to let them know you’ll be there for them without fostering an atmosphere of intrusiveness on your part. Respect their privacy.

Advice And Opinions

There will be times when they won’t want to talk about every little thing. If you respect their privacy, they’ll eventually come to you for your advice and opinions.

When the opportunity arises, have a frank talk with your child about some of the down sides of teen dating, and help them establish limits.

Being Aware Of Spiked Drinks And Date Rape Drugs

If they find themselves in a situation where alcohol or drugs are present, let them know these components lead to being taken advantage of or being arrested. She should be careful for any signs that her drinks are spiked with date-rape drugs.

There are just too many possibilities when meeting a guy for the first time. He may be a perfect, kind person, or he may be the date from hell.

You Are Available At Anytime

Let them know these situations will come up and that they can feel free to call you any time for a ride home if they feel uncomfortable. Be sure to emphasize that they’ll not be punished.

Put your best foot forward in guiding your teen, and chances are their teen dating experiences will be happy ones.

Increase Her Confidence

Your teen would be so happy that she could thank you for detailing your experiences to her. Using your information and knowledge as a guide through the minefield of teen dating.

She can feel more confident in taking careful steps to attract the right guy by using your teen dating experiences you passed on to her.

At least she wont be driving down an unknown road without a map.

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