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Teen Boot Camps May Not Be A Perfect Solution

By Janine Jensenoris

Made popular by appearances on daytime television talk shows, teen boot camps are popping up all over the place. These are intensive resident programs that involve troubled teens going through a military boot camp type experience.

The hope is that the kids will develop a sense of discipline and will find some self worth, as they are led to accomplish difficult tasks that they might never have conquered on their own. These programs have their opponents and in some cases, the experience has proven to have a negative behavioral affect on the teen.

One problem with these types of programs is that they break kids down to point of submission with necessarily addressing the real emotional problems that the kids might have.

May Worsen Behaviour By Troubled Teens

If all of the energy of the teen boot camps is aimed at telling kids they need to change, a prime opportunity is missed to help kids cope with some of the negative things that they may be experiencing at home. If this is the case, then an experience like boot camp can almost be abusive in nature and can serve to make the behavioral problems even worse.

But there are other avenues that a concerned parent can take in order to subside their teen’s wanton rebellion. What is needed for the troubled teen is true behavior modification which is achieved only through goals of positive and long-term change rather than short-term change.

Confronting Tales Of Prison Life

Parents may ask their local authorities about a program dubbed Scared Straight, in which prisoners confront the troubled teens with tales from prison in an effort to steer the teen away from that lifestyle. There are also youth-oriented activity programs all over the country that specialize in helping teens find more productive outlets for their feelings of anger and rebellion.

A parent may also encourage their teen to devoting some of their time to volunteer work. This option tends to be most beneficial because it accomplishes several goals, including a better self-esteem for the teen, developing useful life skills, and giving the teen an idea of what life could be like for those who follow the wrong path in life.

Screaming And Yelling May Not Be Foolproof

The parenting styles and techniques that are given on daytime talk shows are not always as foolproof as they are made to sound. As stated above, many of the personnel in these teen boot camps are not licensed and therefore have little to no training with troubled teens.

They feel that if they yell loud enough and yell long enough, it will be enough to produce long-term changes in the person that they are trying to transform. The best thing a parent can do to combat rebellion and hostility is to review their options and return these actions in a manner of patience, punishment, and unconditional love.

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