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By Natalie Glass

Sterling silver jewelry is very popular these days and it is easy to understand why that is the case. First, it is beautiful and has a sparkling luster that catches the eye and makes one feel special while being worn.

It adds a bit of panache to any outfit no matter what style of wardrobe you have. It can be found in virtually any design category that you please, from the interesting motifs of Celtic Jewelry to the darker tones of Gothic jewelry and everything in between.

True sterling silver jewelry is made from a composite of pure silver combined with another metal to give it added strength and durability. Most often, the alloy metal that is added to the pure silver is copper, although other similarly durable metals can also be used, giving you a number of options on the types of silver you need to review your purchasing options.

Sterling Silver Is 925 parts Silver And 75 parts Alloy

The most important aspect of assuring that silver is of sterling quality is the ratio of silver to the alloy. Sterling is always comprised of 925 parts of pure silver with 75 parts of the alloy, making it 92.5% silver.

Anything that is forged from true sterling silver will have a small impression of "925" stamped somewhere on the item, usually on the back or the inside of a ring. This stamp is essentially a certification that the piece has truly been made out of 925 sterling.

In order to be so labeled, the item metal amalgam must contain 92.5% pure silver. In many cases you will also find another stamp next to the "925" which is often the mark of the jewelry manufacturer or of the designer of the piece.

Sterling Silver Is Much Cheaper Than Gold Or Platinum Jewelry

Silver is considered to be a precious metal. It is highly reflective and very lustrous which is part of the reason why it is one of the most popular metals used in jewelry products today. And, while jewelry fashioned from sterling is certainly not cheap, it is much more affordable than gold jewelry or platinum jewelry which are simply too expensive for many people.

Silver jewelry has a rich and distinctive look and can easily be recognized for its very reflective and brilliant shine, which is one of its trademark characteristics.

The brilliant look of sterling and its durability lends itself to almost unlimited versatility, in the variety of jewelry and other items that can be made from this wonderful material. Jewelry fashioned from sterling can be fun and casual, or classy and elegant, and anything in between.

Protective Coating To Prevent Tarnishing

Some sterling silver jewelry is treated with a protective coating to help prevent tarnishing since it will naturally tarnish over time. Sterling first shows signs of tarnish when a yellowish cast appears on the piece.

This is the stage at which it is easiest to remove any tarnish. The next stage of tarnish occurs when a blackish tint becomes apparent, especially in the nooks and crannies of the design.

It is interesting to note that this stage of tarnish usually only occurs when the jewelry is stored without any kind of tarnish protection over a prolonged period of time. In most cases, tarnish does not happen on jewelry that is worn regularly.

Keeping Your Sterling Silver Sparkling Bright

The reason for this is that there is gentle friction that is created by wearing the jewelry especially when combined with contact to the skin. The combination of the friction and the oils from the skin actually help to keep your sterling jewelry sparkling bright and lively looking.

In addition to frequently wearing your sterling silver jewelry to keep it in good condition, you should also clean it on a regular basis. You can use a silver polishing cloth, which can be found at most supermarkets, variety stores and jewelers.

Or, you can simply use a couple drops of dishwashing liquid in a pan of warm water and rub the jewelry with a soft cloth. This will keep your sterling pieces bright and dazzling.

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Have you ever wondered what made some coins more valuable than others even if they both were produced around the same time? It is the metal the coins are made of that makes them so valuable outside of their rarity.

Silver has long been a commodity that people wanted either in jewelry, coins or as something of worth that was traded. The prices of silver go up and down each day.

Some days a coin or piece may be worth more than others. It has to do with supply and demand. The less it is demanded, the more the supply builds up and the price lowers.

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