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Speed Dating And Looking For Love

By Julia Barnes

Speed dating is changing the way the single world operates. As more people elect to jump into the dating pool, the same old methods from years ago do not work quite as effectively.

There is always a need for something new and fresh. Singles need a way to get in touch with more people in a shorter amount of time. But is speeding through a room filled with other single people the way to find a date?

What Is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a new version of the old fashioned singles mixer. The organizers gather together single people in one room. In the room two circles are set up. The men take one circle and the women take the other.

A timer is set and each person exchanges information with each other. If there is a connection, a business card or phone number is exchanged before the buzzer sounds.

The premise of speed dating is simple. After the first pair has had a set amount of time, the horn is blown or a bell is rung and everyone moves to his or her right. The process begins again.

A Complete Circle

Once the men and women have made a complete circle, the event is concluded. Each person has had the opportunity to meet several new potential matches. Organizers of the mixer count on having a significant amount of people attend.

The downside to this method of dating is in the amount of time spent with each person and the limited time to review your first impressions. The whole concept of speed dating is the idea of first impressions and gut instincts but, is three minutes enough time to make a choice on whether or not to give out your phone number?

This type of a singles dating service does not work as well for those who are shy or not used to meeting new people in such a rushed manner.

First Impressions Are Not Always Right

Speed dating has mixed reviews as to its effectiveness. Not everyone is right for this type of matchmaking service. It is definitely something to experience though. You get a glimpse of people being on their absolute best behavior in hopes of catching Mr. or Mrs. Right. If you find yourself partaking of these services, keep in mind that first impressions are not always right.

The most essential component to dating is to have fun. Too many people go into the speed dating rounds looking to find love. It isn’t that it’s impossible and there have been people who have met the girl or guy of their dreams.

You know, just like love at first sight. Enjoy being single and take the time to get to know the person. If it does not pan out, there are always other business cards in the sea.

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Did You Know?

What is some helpful advice for the first date?
The best advice for a first date is to be you. Strike that. Be a slightly flashier version of who you really are. That means use your manners, do not drag previous relationship baggage out on the date and do not…absolutely do not…compare your date to your ex.

At the very least do not do so to their face, it will not go over so well. If you have not ever been on a date, you are fifty years old and live in a house filled with cats: you do not have to have total disclosure on the very first date.

Relax, take it easy and enjoy meeting someone new. They may not turn into a long term relationship but you can at least have fun.

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