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South America Cruises For Those Who Love An Adventure

By Julia Barnes

South America cruises feature thousands of miles of unparalleled beauty and diverse terrain. From the snow-capped volcanoes of Chile to the Paris-like, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, there are many itineraries to choose from.

Since the continent is so massive, routes vary between Pacific and Atlantic cruises or longer voyages that take you from the equator and down around the entire Cape Horn, touching down in Antarctica.

Some ships offer Amazon River cruises, while others stick to major port cities like Rio de Janeiro and Punta del Este. Since the itineraries are ever-changing, many travelers are coming back for their third or fourth South American tour, especially with all the travel deals out there.

Looking Out For More Intimate Boats

If it’s adventure you’re seeking, then run-of-the-mill South America cruises with all the typical port stops and generic tours won’t do it for you. Stay away from big cruise liners and instead look out for more intimate boats that can get you to all the pristine islands and hidden gems.

Lindblad Expeditions’ "Polaris," for instance, focuses on the Galapagos, with port calls at Paracas, San Juan, Puerto Mollendo, Arica, Isla Pan De Acuzar, Coquimbo and the Juan Fern├índez Islands.

Off The Beaten Path Ports

The expeditions offer creature comforts but put more emphasis on enrichment, offshore activities and off-the-beaten-path ports than other North Atlantic cruises.

Their team of historians, naturalists and team leaders focus on wildlife and up-close exploration, which is ideal for a place with the world’s most diverse assortment of wildlife. Ideally, you’d hit up their Antarctica fleets during the summer months, while saving South America for spring or fall.

Seven Seas Manner

Perhaps you hopped aboard one of those dirt-cheap South America cruises last time, and had to make do with an inner cabin, so on this voyage you’re looking for something a bit more high-class. Regent Seven Sea Cruise’s "Seven Seas Mariner" is one of the best luxury liners in the world of Atlantic cruises, featuring spacious, all-suite, all-balcony accommodations.

The smallest suite is 356 square-feet and they get as big as 1,403 square-feet. All rooms have a calming, contemporary design and some suites include butler service. Select wines and alcoholic beverages are even added in their all-inclusive beverage clause, which is rare for a cruise ship.

33 Night Grand Voyage Fully Circles South America

Guests can choose between four gourmet dining experiences at the Compass Rose, La Veranda, Prime 7 steak-house or Signatures Restaurant. Entertainment includes a spa, fitness center, a theater, a cigar bar/lounge and casino. You won’t want to miss their 33-night "Grand Voyage," which fully circles South America.

There are many cruise lines to review your options, featuring adventurous South America cruises. You can hop aboard Celebrity Cruise lines’ "Infinity" for a 14-night holiday cruise that stops in Valparaiso, Chile, Puerto Montt, Chile, Chilean Fjords, Strait Of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Chile, Ushuaia, Argentina, Cape Horn, Chile, Puerto Madryn, Argentina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Punta Del Este, Uruguay, Buenos Aires and Argentina.

Symphony For 19 Days

You can spend 19 days sailing from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso on Crystal Cruise line’s "Symphony," which spends the night in Argentina, then passes through the Drake Passage, visits the Falkland Islands and boasts offshore visits to the Chilean fjords.

Princess takes you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Manaus, Brazil in 14 nights, stopping in: Parintins, Brazil; Boca Da Valeria, Brazil; Santarem, Brazil; Devils Island, French Guiana; Trinidad; St. Lucia; and St Barthelemy, Guadeloupe. Regardless of which itinerary you choose, you’ll likely have to return to experience all this continent has to offer!

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More Mediterranean Cruises Facts....

What are the costs of Mediterranean cruises?
The costs of Mediterranean cruises vary depending on how many nights/days you wish to be on board. Another factor is where the ship is going and what time of year it is. Generally the climate is such in the Mediterranean that any time of year is good for a vacation. But there are certain times when the costs will be much higher.

Most of the large cruise lines sail the Mediterranean between the months of May to October. Then there will be a break during July, which is the hottest time to cruise, and then the cruise lines will begin again in August. You can find cruise lines that sail year round though. Just remember that the larger the cruise ship, the cheaper your vacation will be because there are more rooms available.

You can find cruises starting at around $500.00 USD if you know where to look. The longer you stay or the more ports of call the ship makes, the higher the package will be. You also have to consider the cost of you getting to the Mediterranean if you live overseas. So factoring in airfare is very important.

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