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Social Skills Lessons For Better Communication

By Janine Jensenoris

Social skills lessons can be learnt to accelerate your communication skills and be more effective at social gatherings or social networking groups, where it would otherwise be awkward to meet new people.

For example, I have a friend who is suffering from social anxiety disorder and as a result finds it difficult to meet and make friends. As I am part of a social networking group, I have introduced him to a small section of this group, to ease him into the social club. He seems to be getting over his condition as he is getting to meet more and more of these people.

He is now interested in getting into the social marketing side of things and uses these new social skills to advance his recovery. Most of the people he meets would have no idea that he has this social anxiety disorder. They think he has model social skills.

It makes me feel so happy to have achieved this level of success for a friend and guided him in his recovery. This seems to vindicate my career choice to become a social worker. I do not only wish to help case patients, but also any of my friends who may need my skills.

In The Beginning

When I started college, I was not sure what I wanted to major in for my career. I had enjoyed accounting in high school; however I thought that a career working with numbers might be dull.

During my sophomore year of college, my father had a heart attack and was hospitalized with open heart surgery. He had several complications and needed to be in the hospital for several weeks.

My sisters all had children that they were taking care of, so it was decided that I would be the one to stay with my mom, at the hospital with dad. The hospital that he was staying in was seventy five miles from their home.

First Exposure To Social Workers

Being with my mom in the hospital was my first exposure to social workers. My dad had to be moved to a rehabilitation unit once he was stabilized and the social worker met with mom and me to make these arrangements.

Once dad was better I met with the dean of the social work program and decided that this would be my field of study. During one of my field experience classes I volunteered at the boys and girls club. One of my duties was to teach social skills lessons to the kids that were in the after school club.

A Place To Stay

These kids needed a place to stay while their parents were working. Many of them came from single parent families and they had not been taught social skills lessons at home.

When I was first asked to do this, I found it quite intimidating. I was only nineteen years old and I did not have any education classes. I looked at the curriculum that they had on the subject.

Social Skills Lessons

To my surprise the social skills lessons that they wanted me to teach were basic manners. My mother is a real stickler on manners and social graces, so I thought this would be something that I would be able to teach.

I asked if I could bring in props for the lessons. I was told that I could do what ever I wanted as long as the children kept the noise level down and that they stayed in the assigned area.

I made a review of my options and I created a program where the social skills lessons were to be taught over a six week period of time, two days each week.

Shaking Hands With Each Other

The first week I had them practice shaking hands with each other and greeting each other. The next week I brought in peanut butter and crackers and had them practice table manners. The kids and I had a great deal of fun during the six week course.

Teaching social skills lessons is something that I have done throughout my career as a social worker.

Getting Out Of Their Social Rut

In my course I have also helped some of my friends who needed help in my area of expertise. I used my knowledge to help them gain new social skills to help them make achievements and get out of their social rut.

I have also always stood by the motto: A friend in need is a friend indeed!

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