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Social Groups Share A Common Interest

By Janine Jensenoris

Social groups are friends sharing a common interest. It may be a hiking group, a church group or even just be a group of friends who have grown up together and meet on a regular basis throughout the year.

These days, there are online communities, where people sharing common interests chat online, exchange emails and video chat. Joining an online community helps you meet new friends online. These people may be living in your town, or in other countries. With online communities, you can get online and there will always be someone you can chat about anything on your mind.

It may be 3am, you feel alone and can’t get to sleep. Rather than wake up everyone in the house, you can chat online and sort out your problems online. Sometimes, holding a conversation with an online friend is the best solution.

Growing Up In Social Groups

Perhaps the biggest problem with social groups is when they are limiting to people as they grow. Some see the issue of these groups as a world wide problem, with larger groups of people being the problem.

That is very true, and many of the problems we face on a global level have everything to do with these groups. If you think of it in your own life though, the definition of these are a bit different, but they can have the same affect on your life if that is what you allow to happen.

Teenagers In High School

The time when local social groups are going to mean the most is in high school. Teenagers are learning about who they are and where they fit it in within the world around them. This can lead to problems.

Social groups within schools can be very exclusive and very rough. Image is everything at this age because teens don’t know enough about themselves to distinguish themselves in any other way. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them, that is just how it is at that age. Some excel in these social climates and others have a horrible time.

Compatibility And Common Interests In College

The good news is that these social groups become less important as a child moves on to college. They know more about who they are, and with that, they grow to be more curious and tolerant of those that they would have never spoken to in high school.

As college begins, some stick to old high school habits and ideas about social groups, but that does not usually stick for long. Soon, none of those things matter, and budding adults begin to choose friends because of compatibility and common interests rather than just looks or labels.

Sharing Values And Interests

Though these social groups will play a role in any life from time to time, things get better as we age. Our groups take on whole new meanings, and we rarely have a hard time admitting someone into our circle of friends if they share our values and our interests. It doesn’t matter who they look like, where they came from, or if we would have liked them years before.

Social groups are no longer as exclusive, and more encompassing of who we really are as people and what we want out of life. A good life includes those that make us feel good, and those people can come from any where at any time.

Many Types Of Social Groups You Can Join

There are a range of social groups you can join. For example, there are church groups, youth groups, senior citizens, sporting groups, you can even become a member of a social club. All these groups give you the option to meet new people, as new members come in to the group and others leave. This way you can meet new friends and create friendships that may last a lifetime.

You can join online communities, where you can chat online with people in your town, or people around the world. These online communities are available 24/7, so it may be four in the morning in your town, but it may be lunchtime in Paris and you can chat online to a friend about life in Paris. It is fantastic to chat to people whom you may never meet, but feel you know so much about them. Just like pen friends, but chatting is more immediate.

Within these social groups, you can go to events, hold conferences, go on trips, celebrate birthdays and other social occasions. When times get tough in your life, there is always someone you can talk to in social groups.

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