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Ski Vacations Provide Better Winter Getaways

By Julia Barnes

When you have been cooped up in a tiny office under the glare of fluorescent lighting during the dreary months of fall and winter, the best thing you could do is to review your options and start looking at ski vacations, so that you can take some time for yourself.

Trading in the artificial lights for a few days out in the sun and on the slopes can do wonders for your mood and your ability to survive the drudgery of work until spring returns.

A ski vacation can come in all varieties, from a quick weekend escape at the nearest mountain resort to a Europe ski adventure of a lifetime. You can custom tailor a vacation to your interests and your budget.

In fact, there are so many options available that it is a good idea to seek out the help of a travel agent to help you decide what might be the best ski vacation package to suit you and your traveling companions.

Skiing Resorts Offer Many Activities

Family ski vacations are also a great option to have a chance to get away together. Not everyone in the family needs to be a great skier to have an enjoyable time. Virtually all skiing resorts offer many other activities that all members can participate in and enjoy. Most ski areas also have beginner lessons and ski runs for those members who would like to pick up the hobby.

You can opt for exciting ski vacations to any of a number of wonderful resorts located throughout the United States and Canada.

Off The Beaten Track Resorts

You can choose from the excitement of locations that are well-known and frequently skied by professionals and celebrities alike, or you can go for a more mellow experience at some of the low-key, off-the-beaten-track resorts which are also plentiful.

If you want to experience skiing at it’s finest, then you can journey across the Atlantic and check out some of Europe’s stunning locations.

It’s the middle of August and you can’t take another moment in the boiling sun. Then look no farther than ski vacations in Whistler, British Columbia. While the snow is incredible during the winter months, there are areas of Whistler where you can strap on your ski boots and hit the slopes anytime of the year.

Ski Resorts In The Andes Mountains

Another option during summer months is to look south. Far south to southern hemisphere and the land of gauchos: Argentina. Many of the world’s top ski resorts are found in the Andes Mountain range that separates the countries of Argentina and Chile.

One of the most well-known ski vacation destinations in South America is Bariloche, located in the Argentine Andes. Many Olympic ski teams train at the world-famous Bariloche area. While your are there, be sure to sample some of the Bariloche chocolates which are also world-famous.

Look At Accommodation And Discount Packages During Slow Periods

Once you have decided where your target destination will be, you will still need to decide on the type of accommodations you prefer or what you can afford. Do you want to stay at a resort where you can "ski in?" Are you looking for a secluded cabin for apr├Ęs-ski romance? Would you prefer an historic grand lodge where the family can gather around the enormous stone fireplace in the lobby?

In many cases, some of the top mountain ski resorts will have times of the season that are slow and during those times they offer some great discounts on ski vacations. If your timetable works out so that you miss their busiest times, then perhaps you can enjoy some great savings and still be able to stay at some of the best ski resorts available.

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More Ski Getaway Facts....

There are just times when a person has to get away from work, stress and take a vacation. Relaxing pools, spas and beaches are all great ideas and things to look for in a vacation package but what about that feel of whizzing down a mountain?

Ski vacations have always been popular with the wealthy but do not let something like money stop you from having fun too. There are great package deals that combine air and hotel in an affordable bundle that anyone can afford.

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