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Sexual Relationships And Telling Your Children

By Janine Jensenoris

Talking with your children about sex and dating, is always awkward for parents, as you want to answer any questions your children may have, but not sure where to stop. You want your children to know the consequences of sexual relationships and be knowledgeable about meeting expectations when dating.

One tip, is to start talking with your child about relationships before they are at the "appropriate age" and are dating. Children learn so much in the schoolyard, including all about the opposite sex, even in elementary school, where the information given may be incorrect. So it is up to you, to ensure the child knows about sexual relationships, with the best review of sex relationships and information you can give.

For example, it is important your child tells you if they feel uncomfortable about someone talking to them about sex in a way that is inappropriate, and you should answer questions about male and female genitalia without feeling uncomfortable.

Letting Your Children Know About Sex

It is better your child knows these things, rather than be misled with wrong information. Your child may think that sex is a bad thing, and this can affect their general self-esteem later in life. For example, if your daughter is about to have her first menstrual cycle, then you should talk to her about conception, pregnancy and hormones.

When your son is approaching puberty, talk to him about sexual feelings he may have about girls, and the growth of his muscles and body will help him to understand sexual relations better.

Teens Becoming Sexually Active

If your teenager is in a serious relationship or you think he or she is curious about becoming sexually active, you should make sure that you explain the seriousness of sexual relationships.

The decision to have sex with someone is a big step, regardless of age. Your son or daughter should know that sexual intimacy is a big decision, and has much emotional impact when sex takes place prematurely.

Unwanted Teen Pregnancy And Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The teenage years, is when sexual desire is quite strong due to hormonal activity. This is the time you need to tell your teen about the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. Knowing this information, your teen will know if they are ready for sexual activity.

Informing your child about unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) and preventative measures, will help to keep your child healthy. You can talk with your son about using a condom, and answer any questions that your daughter may have about contraception.

If your children know about protective measures they can take every time they have sex, then the health consequences of sexual relationships including STDs and unwanted pregnancy, can be prevented.

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