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Sexual Affairs Can Destroy A Perfect Relationship

By Janine Jensenoris

Sexual affairs have the potential to destroy relationships and wreck families. If you are the victim of a partner who is having affairs with multiple partners, or even a single partner, outside your relationship, then you would review your options and feel your trust has been shattered.

If you have children, then it makes the relationship much more difficult to end and start again. You may need to seek advice from a professional counselor, who can search for solutions to keep the relationship intact.

Finalising A Relationship

If there are irreconcilable differences, where you cannot even stay in the same room together, then you need to look for ways to finalise the relationship and you will need legal advice, to ensure you are taking the right steps to come to a proper solution.

Finding new love, can be a complicated process, but this time you want to start a new relationship with eyes wide open and hopefully you will find a serious partner who will take your relationship seriously and not take part in sexual affairs.

Relationship Help When Needed

It would seem that there are many who do not take marriage seriously. They may at first, but when things begin to go wrong they consider the easy way out rather than trying to do things to fix the marriage. This is when sexual affairs can happen.

Not all of them are a result of a bad marriage, as some do just because they think they can. Whatever the case, these are far more damaging to a marriage than you can imagine, and can really cause a lot of pain to the spouse that is left in the dark. Most are discovered, and they can really upset the dynamic of someone’s life.

Sexual And Emotional Affairs

Sexual affairs are different than emotional affairs, but many end up being both. An emotional affair can lead to sex if it goes on long enough. Many times, affairs that are sexual in nature start out that way, and may not include any type of emotional attachment.

Just like all people are different, the reasons for affairs and how they go are different too. Someone considering these types of affairs often don’t think about what would do to their spouse, and they become very self-centered. Only when the emotional or sexual affairs are discovered do they realize what they have done.

Surviving A Marriage

Though many sexual affairs end marriages, some can survive. It depends on the number of affairs, how long they have been going on, and whether the marriage was stable or not. Those that have affairs when the marriage is faltering have usually had them for the warmth and attention, which the hurt spouse may be able to see after the fact.

Those that are in good marriages that have sexual affairs just because they can or because they cannot control the urge may find that divorce is imminent. Spouses lash out when they first find out what is going on, but over time they can contemplate both sides of the issue. Some decide to try to move past , and they often can as long as both in the marriage really want that to happen. A good therapist is in order, however.

Affairs Can Destroy Families

On the other side of the coin, if you are thinking of having emotional or sexual affairs with married people, you should really think twice. Rarely does a person leave their spouse for their affair. Even when they do, your relationship is doomed from the start because was based on deceit.

You may think that you can have whatever you want, but you should really think about the family you may tear apart. I know that personally, I could never bring that kind of pain on someone else, even if were someone I didn’t like. If someone really cares about you, they will leave their marriage first and then date you.

Anything else is just plain wrong. When in the position of considering sexual affairs with those who are not really available, you too may find the help of a good therapist to be just what you need.

You May Have Been Deceived All Along

It may be hard to concentrate on the right outcome, when you find out have been deceived all along and your other half has been having affairs. All those late nights, were not due to work, but because he was sleeping with another woman. Maybe several women. Making promises to them and then one day you pick up the phone and a strange woman asks for your man.

You may think that first call was a business call, but then when you start getting a number of calls from different women, over a period of time, then questions need to be answered. Who are these strange women, asking for my husband? There may be an innocent explanation, like your husband may be coaching the womens’ basketball team in your local area, and the players want to speak to the coach.

Finding Solutions With A Marriage Counselor

If there is no innocent explanation, and you want to look for solutions to keep your family intact, then you may need to seek advice from a marriage counselor. There may be a reason why he is having sexual affairs and this is what the marriage counselor will need to find out, in order to supply you with solutions.

Once solutions are found, then you both need to work together to avoid any further sexual affairs.

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