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Sending Flowers May Be Your Best Move

By Julia Barnes

Sending flowers to your sweetheart may be a way to say thank you, or breaking the deadlock in your relationship. You may be creative with the flowers, by discussing with the florist, the type of floral design you like to use. If you know your sweetheart likes roses and her favourite are white roses, then you can request for a floral design where white roses are the dominant flower.

On the card you can invite her to a dinner date, where you can be together without any interruptions. If you have children, you can arrange for the babysitter to look after your children for the night. Spending time together allows time to work out any issues in your relationship and clearing out any misunderstandings.

Making the first move, may help to improve your relationship.

Lifting The Spirits Of Your Sweetheart

When you want to lift the spirits of someone you love, sending flowers is one of the most popular solutions. This is something that people have done for decades, and it is still a very popular activity. Though there are many ways that you can communicate your love or perhaps ask for forgiveness, many people still love to say it with flowers.

My sister was a florist for a short time, and she told me that flowers never fail. It wasn’t sure that this was true, it turned out that sending flowers was one of the best things I had ever done.

My husband and I have been together since we met in college. We were together for close to seven years when we broke up. My husband was having difficulties with his life, and I do know that our relationship was far from perfect. We separated for four months, and I could not even get him to talk to me.

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There came a point where I decided it was time to move on with my life, and I thought sending flowers was the perfect way to tell him that even though I cared about him, and that I would miss him, and wished him well in the future. It turned out that sending flowers made him realize how much he missed me.

At first, he was upset when he got the flowers from me. The act of me sending flowers made him realize that he had done something horrible. We could have broke up and moved on with our lives, but when he left, he did it very badly. Sending him flowers must have rubbed this wound open for him, and it prompted him to get on the phone and talk to me for the first time in four months.

Sending Flowers May Be Your Best Solution

By this time I had decided that I wanted to move out of my life, and I was at ease with my decision. I had no idea that sending flowers would change my life so dramatically. I thought it was time to move on and I was starting to look forward to starting over again.

When he calmed down, he told me that by sending flowers to him I reminded him of the kind of person that I really am. He said a lot of things in his life had changed all at once, and that even though our relationship was not perfect, he blamed me for a lot of things that were not my fault.

Falling In Love With Each Other All Over Again

In the weeks that followed we grew close again, and fell in love with each other all over again. He told me that sending flowers was the smartest thing I’d ever done, and he was glad that I had given him a chance to make it up to me. I don’t know if it was the situation, the timing, or the flowers, though we were married six months later and have been happy ever since.

Remember that no matter how bad you feel about what you have done, or how hopeless a situation may be, it never hurts to express yourself in any way that you feel comfortable. You never know what will happen next.

The Dove Of Peace

Sending flowers may be the dove of peace with the olive branch, helping to break the strain in a relationship. There is always a solution to every problem, but if there is no communication between the two of you, then the chance of finding a solution is next to none. By sending flowers, gives a chance to communicate and hoping to find better solution.

If you have been away from your sweetheart and you really miss her, but you are not sure how you break the deadlock, you can send a bunch of her favourite flowers. White roses are always romantic, red roses are so common, but to increase the variation, you can always mix one red rose with a bunch of white roses. On the card you may say the red rose is your heart beating. You may even ask her to put her ear close to the red rose and she could hear your heart beating.

Using creative license, can show you have made the effort to be together and you will be together again, just by sending flowers.

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