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Save Your Marriage With An Open And Honest Discussion

By Janine Jensenoris

Save your marriage and avoid the consequences of a relationship breakdown. This is the time to think long and hard, about the reasons you have progressed to a difficult stage in your relationship.

It is always possible to save your marriage, if you know why matters are not getting to a resolution. The most common reason for a marriage resulting in divorce, is infidelity by one or both partners, but there can be underlying problems that lead to infidelity.

Although there should be no excuses for being unfaithful to your partner, most relationship breakdowns are not due to just a single problem. Before infidelity, there is already a lack of communication.

Stay Close To Your Partner

One way to maintain your relationship, is to stay close to your partner emotionally and mentally. Keeping your communication lines open will alert you to the needs and wishes of your partner.

In many cases, problems can be solved. Before you talk to your partner about the problems in question, take a look at it all. This may be the result from losing touch with each other and not spending enough time together to review your options.

More Time With Friends

Alternatively, you or your partner has spent more time with friends rather than each other, leaving one to wonder why they do not want to spend time with them. Maybe he loves his sports night, and she does not want to compromise that and there is only one day a week that he spends all day watching his favorite sport.

A mutual understanding must be made so that both wife and husband can resolve their problems before they even start. For example, all the above examples can be prevented if both of you had discussed it, before it became a problem.

Time For An Honest Discussion

In fact, it’s usually more trouble, but if it all comes together to cause damage to the relationship that may lead to irreconcilable difference and divorce. Once you’ve figured out what the problems are, then it’s a good time for an honest discussion.

Solving Problems Together

There are two people in a marriage that has contributed to the causes of the breakdown. Both must be willing to be as honest about the problems that exist in the marriage. When the causes of these problems come out in the open, both must be willing to solve the problems together.

As partners in your marriage, you can take a decision and an agreement on what each of you can do to solve problems if you want to save your marriage. You must be open to hear what you may not want to hear, but to get your marriage back on track, then it would be worth it.

Getting to the root of the problem, may help to save your marriage.

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