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Romantic Places to Keep The Flame Alive

By Joachim Strauss

Romantic places can be a quiet part of town or a busy restaurant. If your budget is modest, you can always take a walk in the park and sit on the park bench and have a quiet relaxing time together, away from social and work pressures. Just the two of you, enjoying each others company.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune just to be together in romantic places. You can always budget and save for a special treat every now and then. Go to a nice restaurant, take a short or a long holiday on a romantic retreat in the country, in another state or even overseas.

Escape From The Noise Of City Living

All you need is quality time together and escape from all the noise of city living. Its about time you realised why you are together. You are together because you enjoy each others’ company. You are soul mates. And soul mates should visit romantic places every now and then.

The world is full of romantic places where you can escape and have quality time together. You may only need a romantic weekend getaway to rekindle that romance once again.

Romantic Weekend Getaways

The first romantic weekend getaways that I went on were necessities. You see, both me and my wife were working so hard that we needed to get away whenever we had the time.

A lot of couples enjoy romantic places as a way to relax from the daily grind, but when you are working 60 hours or more every week, it is not just a luxury. That much work can put strain on relationships, and so you have to make the most of your free time.

Romantic Restaurants In Town

Going to a romantic place to spend a beautiful weekend together whenever you get the chance, is the best way to do this.

Of course, some of the best romantic places are right around the corner. As a matter of fact, we patronized almost all of the romantic restaurants Chicago has to offer.

Deserve The Best

When you work hard, you deserve the best in your spare time. Eating a luxurious dinner prepared by a master chef made us feel that the hours we worked were ultimately worth it.

You see, when both people work in a relationship, it is hard to eat well when you are eating at home. No one comes home wanting to spend the time to cook up a great meal, and so eating habits tend to suffer unless you go out.

Spending More Time With People You Love

Of course, you can only last so long working those kind of hours. Sooner or later, everyone burns out. Fortunately for us, it was sooner rather than later.

Going to luxurious five star hotels is great, but having the time to spend with the people you love is worth having a little bit less money.

Planning And Budgeting

After all, not all romantic places cost a fortune to get to. Some of them are quite within the average person’s price range. It is all matter of planning and budgeting, something both my wife and I are very good at.

And after all, isn’t the most important ingredient in romantic places the travelers themselves? You can be in the most romantic bed & breakfast in New England and, if no one is in the mood for a loving weekend, it won’t matter.

Enjoying What You Have

On the other hand, you can be slogging through the winter snow on the way home and, if you are looking forward to seeing your wife, your modest apartment can become a very romantic place.

It is all a question of enjoying what you have, and more importantly, enjoying who you have to share it with.

Romantic Places on a Budget

You don’t need to blow your budget to keep your romantic flame alive. You can review your options and visit romantic places at little or no cost.

Romantic places are everywhere. You can take a walk in the park. Costs nothing. Go to see a movie, football, or another social event. Costs are modest. Go to a restaurant, costs can be modest to expensive depending on the choice of restaurant.

All you need is to spend quality time together, then a visit a quiet romantic place and watch the sun go down. You will appreciate the time together.

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