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Getaway Packages With Romantic Inns

By Julia Barnes

Some of the best romantic places you can stay are quaint little romantic inns tucked away in secluded destinations. The city or a beach may seem like a fun-filled adventure, but there are just so many romantic getaway packages at small inns that will completely blow away any five-star resort.

It is about the quality time you can spend together to renew your relationship that makes the trip worth the time and effort to research and book.

When a person thinks about romantic vacation spots, they often review and consider big resort areas and cruises, and overlook some of the smaller, couples getaway romantic venues. Take for example Eureka Springs, Arkansas as an often overlooked destination.

Romantic inns are everywhere in the town and there are plenty of things to do while you are there. The local shops on the main strip are filled with lovely antiques, cozy coffee shops and historic hotspots.

Bed And Breakfast For A Romantic Getaway

For a taste of the Big Easy, there are a plethora of bed and breakfasts for a romantic getaway weekend or longer stay. One in particular stands out amongst the crowd. Ashton’s Bed and Breakfast is a few blocks from the French Quarter but is spectacular. Thankfully, Hurricane Katrina did not destroy this historic landmark.

The rates are very reasonable and there are a variety of rooms and suites to choose from. The room fee includes a wonderful gourmet breakfast, snacks and drinks during the day. While you are there make sure to take a tour of the French Quarter and wander through the myriad of shops.

Listing Of Romantic Inns Online

One website you should check out for a listing of romantic inns throughout North America, as well as international locals, is . They feature any place imaginable from a Poconos getaway, to a bed and breakfast in the heart of Old Quebec.

Check through the listings and find some inns that interest you. Most inns now have websites that feature pictures of the rooms as well as area interests and shops.

Word Of Mouth Is The Most Reliable Source Of Advice

Regardless of where you find the romantic inns, you are sure to enjoy yourself. One tip is to check out what previous visitors have had to say about the accommodations and local attractions. Word of mouth is the most reliable source of information you can find when it comes to booking a trip.

It does not have to be expensive and can be as long or short of a stay as you wish. The most important thing is to relax, enjoy your stay and have fun with your special someone.

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When those winter months seem to be dragging by and the cold, wet weather has you down it can cause anyone to get the blues. Perhaps it is the frantic holiday season that inspires so many couples to looking into romantic getaways.

Why would they not? Every couple needs some alone time to recharge their batteries. They need the chance to discover that they have lives outside of family, friends and work. The great thing is: you do not have to take out a second mortgage just to finance a vacation. There are some great deals from agents.

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