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Romantic Dinner Recipes With Favorite Choice Of Food

By Natalie Glass

Romantic dinner recipes may include the favorite choice of food for your date. If your date loves seafood, then you may arrange seafood for the main course. If you are together on a first date and you have invited your date to your apartment, then you should find out her favorite food. For example, if she is a vegetarian and you make a lamb roast, then you are off on the wrong track and it may make for an awful date.

This is why you need to ensure the food appeals to your date. When you are inviting your date to your apartment, you may give her a few options on the food and she could tell you if she is a vegetarian or allergic to any food ingredients.

Having Time For Each Other

Many people get into a complete panic when faced with a romantic dinner occasion. Perhaps it’s your love’s birthday, your anniversary or simply a romantic evening at home. Are you entertaining a new love interest? Yikes, this really gets one into a tizzy. “Oh, no! What if it turns out terrible? I’ll order out and get some candles...”

Wait a second. Think about it. The whole point of the romantic dinner is that you’re cooking it, you’re dining in your own home and celebrating romance, whether it’s young, or simply young at heart. Even if your romantic dinner recipes do not fare well at your hand, you did it with love in your heart! Only then do you order out!

Determine Your Beloved’s Favorite Dish Of All Time

Your starting point for planning this romantic dinner interlude is to determine, if you don’t already know, what your beloved’s very favorite dish of all time is. If that dish is Southern fried chicken, you fill out that comfort food entree with a gourmet appetizer and some foods that lead to romance (Chocolate, anyone?).

Your romantic dinner plans needn’t be extensive or extravagant in order to be successful. Besides, the romantic dinner recipe ideas you’ll find here are easy and adaptable. If you’re not a gourmet cook and your loved one’s favorite dish is Beef Bourguignon, you might call a French restaurant for a take-out on that one!

Romantic Dinner Recipe Templates

Here we present some culinary ’templates’ which you can use to match your cooking skills, accommodate your budget or time schedules. These romantic dinner recipe ideas are all delicious, with a romantic flair appropriate to the occasion. Once you’ve decided on your menu, you don’t even need a cookbook. Just go online for specific recipes by the thousands.

Gourmet foods, such as dried mushrooms, pesto, Alfredo sauce, fire roasted red peppers, Brie, or Nicoise olives provide lots of possibilities for dressing up a dish as garnishes, salsas and side dishes. If you don’t know the first thing about gravies or sauces, you’re permitted to purchase a quality, packaged mix!

Start With An Entree

The Surf n’ Turf entree is close to the top of the list of favorite romancing dishes, but even cooking at home, this is a pricey dish. However, if you can manage it, it is impressive to the palate.

Is beef the meat of choice? Angus beef of any cut is the best there is. Be it a filet, T-bone or hamburger, it will be a romantic dinner recipe hit as a most delicious example of beef. If it’s going to be a burger, serve with the bun open and inscribe the top half of the bun with a red ketchup heart.

Stuffed Cornish Game Hens

For the poultry lover, stuffed Cornish game hens make an elegant presentation. Stuffed with orzo, mushrooms, celery and sage, the hens are oozing with romantic specialness. Whole, boneless chicken breasts may be served with a caper sauce that looks and tastes like it came from a fine Manhattan restaurant.

Seafood lovers generally love it all. Seafood dishes are quick and difficult to mess up! King Crab legs are already cooked and any filet cooks to perfection in the microwave in minutes.

Maybe pork anything is your idea of a romantic dinner recipe. Try Wienerschnitzel for the upscale take on pork entrees. This wonderful German dish is simple and takes little time.

A Garden Salad

A garden salad is a good first course. Feed each other forkfuls. Uncork your wine. Rice pilaf, wild rice, angel hair pasta with a thin butter and parsley dressing sauce or a twice baked potato all make nice sides. If you’re not a baker, visit the best French bakery in town for a lovingly chosen dessert.

Remember, when planning your menu, you don’t want to stuff yourselves silly. If you fall asleep in response to every last bite of a filling dinner, your romantic dinner recipe ideas might take the romance out of the evening! Bon Appetit!

A New Couple On A First Date

During the evening, you want to have time to talk about different events. If you are together on a first date, you may want to find out as much as possible about each other, to see if you really appeal to each other and if there will be further dates down the track.

If you are a couple who have been together for years, then you may want to talk about events affecting your lives. You may work different hours and do not have much time to talk to each other. But then, you may have got that promotion at work you have been working hard to achieve, and as a result you may spend more time at home with your sweetheart. Now, there is a reason to celebrate.

A Married Couple Bringing Back The Romance

If you are a married couple and you are looking to bring the romance back into your relationship, then you could surprise her with your efforts to choose her favorite romantic dinner recipes. Over the years of marriage, you would know the food she likes best, so you ensure it is her favorite food that is on her plate.

Your aim of the night, is to prove to her you still care, even after all these years of marriage and the children may have all grown up and you are alone as a couple. Just like you were, before you got married.

Choosing the right food always makes the best romantic dinner recipes.

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