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Romantic Birthday Ideas To Bring A Smile To Your Sweetheart

By Joachim Strauss

Romantic birthday ideas are to show your sweetheart that you are always thinking of her and you have not forgotten her birthday. You can reassure her by buying something she likes.

She will appreciate it more if you know what she likes and you buy it for her. For example, if you know she likes chocolate covered strawberries, then you go to the gourmet food store and buy some chocolate covered strawberries for her birthday.

The main aim of romantic birthday ideas is to please your sweetheart. You want to tell her that you remembered her birthday and you bought her something she likes. Buying a gift on this occasion reassures her that despite all the social, business and household pressures, she is always on your mind and the romantic flame burns as bright as ever.

Romantic birthday ideas can depend on the gender. For women, you think of romance and jewelry, food, clothing. For men you may think of social events, like a dinner, theatre or a sports event.

Of most importance is to know what your sweetheart likes best and you want to please her. If you know she is a baseball fan and her team is in town, buying season tickets could be one of the most fabulous romantic birthday ideas ever.

To Renew Your Romance

When your sweetheart’s birthday rolls around, you want to make it special and in this case, that means romantic. Like anniversaries, a birthday is a good occasion to renew your romance.

If you’re looking to impress your sweetie with a romantic and memorable day, but don’t know where to start or are out of fresh ideas, here are some romantic birthday ideas to make the most of your celebration. Your sweetheart will love you all the more.

Although women and men may differ on their notion of romantic birthday ideas, there are many other ideas they both welcome.


In the category of different notions, one good example is that most women love getting flowers while men may feel silly receiving a bouquet of roses.

This same man may, illogically, find a digital email birthday card, replete with hearts and roses and a romantic poem heart melting.

Romantic birthday ideas suitable for either gender are by far in the majority.

A Picnic Basket

A fancy picnic basket, filled with your sweetie’s favorite foods, truffles or other fancy sweet and a split of champagne, to be consumed at the beach, lakeside, or scenic location makes for a romantic birthday idea with memories that last for years.

To complete the romantic ambiance, bring nice glassware and plates, silver and cloth napkins. You can keep it a surprise right up until your reach your destination.

Until then, make it seem more casual. “Hey, sweetie! What do you say we go for a picnic in the country?”

Weekend Trip To Lake Tahoe

One of the more extravagant romantic birthday ideas is a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. If you plan at least a month ahead, you’ll be able to find some pretty good airfares if you live far away. People do come from all over the world to visit this wonder of nature.

Breathtaking views may be found all around the Lake. Horseback riding, a paddle wheel boat cruise across the lake, the “Castle” at Emerald Bay, numerous theatre productions and many casinos are just some of the many attractions.

There’s water skiing in summer and snow skiing in winter. Romantic restaurants abound. This idea is a knockout with anyone’s beloved!

Jewelry For Women

For women, jewelry is always well-received as a gift and diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires always top the list of gifts for wonderfully romantic birthday ideas.

Birth stone rings are also nice. Buy the best quality you can afford. Even a one-point diamond in gold earrings will bring tears to her eyes. Flowers are a must!

Theatre and Sports For Men

Men are more difficult, but not impossible! There’s theatre, opera, ballet and symphonies, if he’s into these activities. Some men who enjoy fishing would consider a day fishing together at the lake to be a very romantic birthday idea.

So you just need to zero in on their favorite thing to do if they’re a more rugged kind of guy.

The most important thing to remember is to choose gifts and activities that show thoughtfulness on your part, so they know you really care.

My Sweethearts’ Favorites

I have found my sweetheart likes a box of Belgian chocolates. At the gourmet food store, there is a large range of Belgian chocolates, so every year I get her a different box of Belgian chocolates.

She always likes to sit down and eat them with me. She never ceases to be surprised whenever I bring out the chocolates. It may be her birthday, it may be our anniversary, it may be to say I am sorry to have forgotten to get the milk from the shop. It does not matter.

Whenever she’s is upset or happy with me, she always brightens up when I bring her a box of Belgian chocolates. It brings a sweet smile to her face. She knows that I know, what she likes.

Making her smile, is my aim when I want to please her with romantic birthday ideas.

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