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Romantic Bed And Breakfast To Escape From It All

By Joachim Strauss

Romantic bed and breakfast is appealing to couples who wish to escape from the daily social, family and work pressures. You can escape to a place where no-one needs to know where you are. At least for one night. In the morning, you can have your breakfast and you are off to the winery, historic locations and local tourist spots.

You may have seen a giant waterfall as you were driving to the romantic bed and breakfast. You can visit the local shops and have a picnic lunch by the waterfall. All you can hear is the birds singing and water splashing from the waterfall. Instead of ugly tall buildings, you see beautiful tall trees. Bliss.

You may decide you like the place so much, you may even buy a country retreat, so that you can escape every weekend to the bliss of easy living. Once you have your own country retreat, you may offer other couples a romantic bed and breakfast.

Bed And Breakfast Style Of Accommodation

The bed and breakfast style of accommodation has become part of the American culture today. The Bed & Breakfast is now firmly entrenched in the average American’s mind, as a means of escape from the boring and mundane to the world of the romantic bed and breakfast, where you have not a care in the world.

For this type of getaway, all you need to do is book your room and show up. Your host takes care of the rest.

Usually In A Country Setting

The typical romantic bed and breakfast is found in a country setting, with diverse attractions in the vicinity. Some are in the wine country, with wine and cheese tastings, picturesque bakeries and fine restaurants.

Historic Setting

Others may be in historic settings, where the history buff can go all out seeing where it all happened in times past. Still others offer scenic vistas in wilderness country settings, surrounded by hiking trails and select fishing spots and quaint shops in the village where you can spend leisure time, browsing the unique gifts and memorabilia of the particular area.

As a matter of fact, almost all of these types of accommodations may be classified as romantic bed and breakfast spots, because it’s what they all share in common. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, and whatever suits your fancy, you’ll find one perfect for you.

Accommodation And Breakfast

As the name implies, a booking at one of these unique hotels offers accommodation and breakfast. Breakfast may be served in your room or in a communal dining room. Country–style gourmet dinners may be an option in some.

Dinner menus are usually geared to the theme. For example, in the wine country, you’ll find a selection of local fine wines, cheeses, pastries paired with the chef’s best entree. The romantic bed and breakfast in historic Virginia will likely feature dishes prepared in the manner of the 1700’s Virginian cuisine, or Civil War time fare.

Wilderness Fishing Resort

The wilderness fishing resort may serve the chef’s best trout almondine or baked bass. Food served at the romantic bed and breakfast is always superior, no matter what venue you choose. After all, it’s one of the primary features on which they base their reputations.

Besides their food, the romantic bed and breakfast host offers rooms with ambiance to the max. Unlike the standard motel decor, the romantic bed and breakfast seeks a homey and comfortable setting, offering luxurious appointments according to their theme.

Handmade Quilts And Needlepoint Pillows

You may find handmade quilts and needlepoint pillows, antique furniture and plush chairs in which to settle in with a book or do your nails. The walls may be graced with authentic period art pieces.

As for the entertainment side of the romantic bed and breakfast, your host will have brochures galore, detailing all the attractions the area has to offer. Just grab brochures of activities and events that capture your interest, and you’ve got all the guidance you need on “what to do”.

With all this fun, what are you waiting for?

Get Away And Have A Break

There are times when you need to get away and have a break from it all, to a place where there is no incessant traffic noise, social pressures, where everyone is smiling and happy to see you. This is when you know you are having a romantic bed and breakfast.

You know life is meant to be fun and not a grind. Life is for living and not endured. This is why you need to review your ideas and take your partner and rekindle that magic that is part of your relationship.

Escape From The Daily Grind

You know the love and empathy for each other is always there, but you may not be able to see it until you can escape from the daily grind. You can always switch off your cell phone, so you are not interrupted in your great moment of self–fulfillment.

You may have work pressures, family pressures but you can forget it all for a short time when you are on a romantic bed and breakfast.

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