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Romance Novels Can Help You Escape To A Better World

By Jane Mineralis

Romance novels are available online, at bookstores and department stores. They are very popular, especially among women, who may be longing for some romance in their lives, or just as an escape from everyday living.

By reading romance novels you can escape into a world where you don't have to think about everyday work pressures. You can place yourself in the characters and think all the challenges the characters face, will solve themselves by the end of the story. There is always romance, a happy time, a pressure time and usually a happy ending.

This is what you want to read in romance novels. All about a happy ending.

A Feel Good Story

Though many snobby types may not consider romance novels to be quality reading material, I have to admit that this is the type of book that I prefer to read. Most of the time I don’t want anything too heavy, because my life is heavy enough.

I am often looking for a feel good story that shows that people can overcome almost anything. I know when I read romance novels that I am going to go on a great adventure, and I know that I am going to find a happy ending at the end of the story.

A Satisfying End Result

The best romance novels won’t give away the happy ending. You know there is going to be one, but you should have no idea how it could possibly happen as you read though it.

The more obstacles you can throw at a couple throughout romance novels, the more satisfying the end result will be. Though there are a few that don’t end happily, these are by far rare, and you will find that they aren’t good sellers.

Love Overcomes Anything

The whole point is that love overcomes anything, and if you love someone, you will do anything you can to make everything OK again.

I have a lot of romance novels in my home, but there are five or six that I can read over and over again. You can tell which ones they are rather easily.

Paperback Books

If you look through the books on my bookshelves, you will see which of my romance novels are worn out to the point where some of the pages are starting to fall out. That is the downfall of buying paperback books.

If you read them many times, they start to fall apart and with some books, it might be hard to find a replacement.

Personalized Romance Novels

If you want a special gift, you can find personalized romance novels to give to your friends, or even your spouse. These can be ordered with the picture of your choice on the cover, and you can have the names of the female and male main characters be changed to anything you want.

There are different types of romance novels you can do this with, and you may find one that fits the person you have in mind. If you know a doctor who is hard to buy for, you may want to get them a romance about the medical profession with their name in it. They may blush, but they will also love it.

Ideal Personalized Gift

This may be an ideal gift, especially now that Christmas is around the corner. He will be surprised that you have made such an effort to arrange for a personalized novel. Just like a novel, life has its challenges and there are hurdles to overcome. Together we can overcome all hurdles and all the time and effort brings us closer.

In romance novels, you can read about the challenges a couple face to their relationship. Whether it is family, work or social pressures, they are challenges they meet, review and eventually overcome, together.

A Couple Stays Together

In the end they either stay together no matter what the challenges, or find a solution that will please the couple. It is rare, when the couple actually fall apart and never meet again.

The happy endings is what makes the popularity of romance novels.

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