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Romance Ideas With An Element Of Surprise

By Jane Mineralis

Romance ideas may include buying your partner an unexpected gift, going to a restaurant, a weekend getaway, or just spending precious time together, far away from family and other social pressures.

Better romance ideas always have an element of surprise. If you listen to your partner for hints of what she may need, what she really wants, then you may come up with a fabulous romantic idea. The secret to your success, is to review your options and find out what she really wants.

If she says that it has been a long time since we had a vacation, then you may arrange for a short weekend vacation. She will be surprised and will eternally grateful to you, for being a good listener.

Better Romance Ideas

If there is one thing that I have learned through my marriage it is that romance is subjective. What one person thinks of as romantic may not do anything for anyone else. I have also learned that many of the things that you see in movies and on television are really over the top, and they won’t work for all people.

Some see getting new siding for an anniversary romantic, while others think that romance ideas need to be a bit more sentimental. Whatever the case, you can always find some ideas that work for you if you put some time, thought, and research into your endeavor.

Two Different Type Of Romantic Ideas

Romance ideas can come from almost anywhere. Most of the best ones come from the imagination, but a person should never feel bad if they can’t seem to come up with these romantic ideas on their own. In fact, most can’t, at least not without thinking about it long and hard.

Most don’t realize that it does not have to be that hard, and that there are two different types of romantic ideas. Some are small, everyday things that spouses or partners can do for each other, and then there are the ideas for the bigger occasions that come up each year.

Small Romantic Ideas

Small romantic ideas are very easy. You can simply go out and get a few cards that express how you feel, and then put them away. On occasion, get one out, sign it, and then place it somewhere special - like on a windshield or on a pillow for the other to find.

You can send small text messages that are a bit romantic, or you can stop home in the middle of the day to have lunch with each other. Those are all small things, but as far as romance ideas go, they are good ones that say more than you may think they do.

Larger Romance Ideas

The larger romance ideas can be researched in various places. You don’t have to have wine, roses and a sunset to be romantic, though many feel they are falling short when they don’t have those things. Romance is about the thought, not about the storybook version of what romance is supposed to be.

When you put thought into something that is meant to make an occasion special, you have automatically created romance. The very basics of romance ideas are that the other person was thought of and considered when things were planned. That is really all it takes.

Hints For Best Romance Ideas

If you are living together and you see each other every day, then you may get hints of what would be good romance ideas. For example, your partner may mention it has been a long time since she had chocolate covered strawberries. One fine day, you can ring the gourmet store and place an order for chocolate covered strawberries to be ready for pick up on your way home from work.

You arrive home, ask her to open the box, she is surprised with a smile on her face. You may spend the rest of the night feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries. By giving her something out of the blue, unexpected, it makes it more romantic. She is so grateful that you are listening to her.

Show Her She Is Always On Your Mind

It does not have to be a birthday, a wedding anniversary or Christmas Day, for you to give something that shows she is always on your mind. If you give her something that is outside those special occasions, then it makes it for an even bigger surprise.

The element of surprise is always included in the best romance ideas.

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