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By Janine Jensenoris

You may not realize how important the relationships friends are, until you’ve lost them. Often in new relationships, people lose themselves and spend every waking moment with their newfound love. Friends fall by the wayside, tired of broken promises and a constant string of excuses as to why you can’t hang out.

Then suddenly, when the relationships romance wears off, we realize a void has opened up where our friends used to be. The level of companionship, empathy and acceptance from our friendship network can be deeper than that of family members (who are stuck with us) and lovers (who may come and go with the seasons). The first step to making and maintaining friends is to know what makes a good friend.

Staying In Touch With Your Friends

To create the type of relationships that friends need, you must first review your options and create time for them. It’s simply not possible to physically see every single friend each day, but phoning, emailing, sending cards in the mail and text messaging friends to let them know you’re thinking of them can go a long way.

Sometimes the easiest way to make time for seeing friends is to pick one mutual hobby you can do each week together, such as a yoga class, a weekly game night, a movie night, join a hockey league, choose a day and time to meet at your favorite bar or coffee shop, etc. You need to make your friends a priority to reap any benefits from your social relationships.

Be There For The Good And Bad Times

You want be there for the good times, such as for weddings, graduations and birthday parties, yet you also need to be there for the bad times too; for the funerals, the surgeries and the breakups.

There are also many things you can do to create the sort of relationships friends don’t want, so be mindful of how your behavior is received. For instance, incessant emailing, text messaging and calling can push friends away.

Do Not Annoy Your Friends

You may find friends avoiding your calls if they know it’s just something stupid or if they feel they will end up on the phone for hours. Another way to aggravate friends is to be overly competitive. Whether it’s about who has the best clothes, who knows more Simpson’s trivia, who has the smartest kids, who has the best car or who makes the most money, no one wants to fall privy to your relentless spirit of competition.

Thirdly, be sure you’re comfortable with yourself. Being overly confident or extremely insecure are both sure-fire ways to exhaust your friendships. Lastly, try to avoid constant complaining and instead take a more positive approach to life. You’ll find more people want to be around you in no time!

Intimate And Casual Relationships

Some people prefer intimate relationships from a few close friends, while others prefer large groups of casual acquaintance friends. As we get older, it gets harder and harder to provide the type of relationships friends demand because we’re working over-time, we’re caring for elderly parents, we’re running kids to sports practices, we’re going to work functions with our mates, we’re working on our home renovation projects and we’re struggling to pull off some semblance of a life.

Even so, it’s important that you don’t forget about maintaining healthy relationships with your friends, who will be there to rejoice over your triumphs and support you when times get tough.

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There never has been and never will be a "perfect" relationship. In a relationship there are always ways to improve it. It may mean reintroducing passion back into you and your partner’s life.

It could be scheduling a date night to get away from the kids. Relationships take a lot of work and many times people do not realize they need relationship tuneups as much as they really do. It is hard admitting that things are not quite so rosy and cheerful. But with the right help and guidance, you can put your relationship back on track.

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