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Relationship Advice and How To Maintain Your Relationship

By Joachim Strauss

Relationship advice can be given by professional relationships counselors, by your family and friends or by reading relationships advice information on websites.

If you are not sure who to turn to for relationship advice, then you may do what I do. I turn to my family and friends and seek their guidance from similar experiences and discuss solutions.

If you want to keep your privacy and do not want to stress out your family and friends, then you may get professional relationship advice from a professional counselor.

My Best Relationship Advisor

The best relationship advice I ever received, was from my grandmother.

My grandmother is suffering from dementia. Some days, she doesn’t even remember her own name. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch her condition worsen. There were years and years that I would go to her with all of my problems and woes; she was great with dispensing relationship advice.

Those days are over as she is not in any position to be giving out her opinions. I’m not sure why I always sought relationship advice from my grandmother instead of my mother, but I did.

Somehow, she just seemed wiser since she’d been around longer. I didn’t always agree with her advice but she did tell me honestly, the first time I was engaged, that if I did marry her, it would be the wrong woman.

Best Relationship Advice

That was the best relationship advice she ever gave me. We never exchanged vows and I am incredibly grateful for that. I ended up marrying the right woman, but she had also started her downward spiral and probably wouldn’t even know my wife.

At some point in our lives, we all need relationship advice. We all have our own choice of who we will turn to – a parent, grandparent, friend, relative or complete stranger. No matter who we choose, that’s who we are trusting to not lead us astray and help review our options and come up with solutions.

Professional Relationship Advice

There are tons of people who spend their hard earned salaries on talking to a professional psychologist or counselor.

While it is true, professionals can be an excellent source for dispensing relationship advice, there are tidbits of information and advice that you can solve without spending the money.

Online Relationship Advice

Numerous websites that offer relationship advice are splashed all over the internet. Some of them might charge a fee for a personal response but others are completely free no matter what you are seeking.

Most often, the people operating the sites claim to be professionals and have articles and book offerings with some very sound advice.

I’ve often wondered if the sites mainly exist for promotional purposes and to market a self-help book that they may have written or if they really do want to give out relationship advice.

To be quite honest, you may find that your best source of relationship advice very well could be a family member.

No matter how uncool or old your parents are getting, they were once in your age group and might know how to help you figure out your path. Plus, they may know you better than you know yourself.

Whatever source you choose to get your relationship advice from, make sure it is something you agree with before you decide to act upon it.

Quality Relationship Advice

The quality of relationship advice can depend on where you get your advice. Your family can give you quality advice from their experience in your situation, but to get an assessment and provide a solution, the best advice may be professional advice.

But it can be costly, especially if the assessment takes months or years to complete, depending on the requirements of your advice.

For example, if you are having marriage problems, you may not want to tell you family about the problems you are having, as you don't want to stress them out. So you and your partner may go to a relationships counselor to get professional relationship advice.

The advice may provide the perfect solution to keep the relationship going and maintain your marriage.

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