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Real Friends Always Stay In Touch

By Janine Jensenoris

Real friends are friends who stay in touch and can talk about anything without risk of offending. You know how each one is thinking, so you know everything is said with an absence of malice.

Your real friend can be your soul mate. If you have a problem or your have a solution, you want to tell someone you can trust and will not betray your confidence. Rather than clamp up and keep concerns you have about anything, you contact your real friends and discuss your concerns.

Real friends can be friends you meet at work, at social events or friends you have known for years. A real friend can be your partner, your lover. You may even have a platonic relationship, where things do not get complicated with emotions, tensions and sexual relations.

Real Friends Can Be Childhood Friends

Real friends are quite often of the same sex. Sometimes, real friends originated from childhood.

One of the painful things you learn as you grow out of childhood into adulthood is that not everyone you meet and spend time with will be real friends. There are some who may start out as your friend, but in the end they will do something to break your heart.

It happens to everyone, but you just have to pick yourself up, review your options and move on. The worst thing you can do is to shut everyone out when you get hurt, but it is something that is tempting. If you don’t let anyone close, no one can hurt you.

Some people meet real friends in school and they remain friends throughout their life. This isn’t always the case though, as many people don’t meet any real friends until they have left school and moved on.

Friendships Fade

Sometimes people lose touch no matter how well meaning they are, and friendships to fade. You think you will be friends forever, but you should know that this isn’t always the case.

I had a lot of friends that I thought I would know until the day I died, but I quite honestly don’t know where half of them are today.

Some Friendships Cool Off

That doesn’t mean you aren’t real friends, it just means that you both have grown outside the friendship into different people. You may not be able to relate to each other as well as you once did, and things start to cool off.

This has happened to me many times, and I have learned that it is a fact of life. Some may say that real friends never lose touch, but that isn’t really true.

Friends Slowly Drift Apart

Sometimes the best of friends just slowly drift apart until one day they realize they haven’t spoken in months and they just don’t know why.

Real friends come and go, but know that there is an endless supply out there. You just have to find them. It’s not that hard, but you do have to be open to meeting new people in order to make new friends.

Real Friends Can Be Found Anywhere

There are always people out there who have the same beliefs as you do, or have a lot in common with you. Not everyone you meet will suit you, but you can find real friends in almost any place you wish.

Friends aren’t always for life, but they do enrich life. Get out there and meet people. You’ll be glad you did.

Real Friends Are Soul Mates

Real friends can be your soul mate. Someone you can lean on. If you have a problem, or have a solution, then you call your real friend. You know you can say what you want and your friend will understand without being offended.

Your real friends can be your friends from childhood, your lover, your partner, your workmate, a platonic relationship without any complications.

Staying In Touch For Your Peace Of Mind

Depending on your circumstances, you may meet every day, once a week, once a month, every few months.

There are different ways to stay in touch with your real friends. You can go online and chat on a website, on ICQ, webcam or via email. Or you can talk on the phone, send each other SMS, meet face to face.

Real friends always stay in touch. Think about each other. Always.

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