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Questions To Ask A Guy Before Your First Date

By Fanny Gordon

Questions to ask a guy before you go on your first date, may include his appearance, his likes and dislikes, his occupation and what he is looking for in a woman. A lot of these questions can be answered by visiting a private dating chat channel, exchanging emails and talking on the phone.

You will need to exchange photos, in order to recognize each other when meeting for the first time. The images need to be recent, so do not send him an image taken years ago. These days, you can meet local girls an image with your cell phone and email it to him.

A Woman Needs To Know

When women meet men, they can figure them out in a matter of minutes. They can know exactly what he wants and there usually is no mystery. She can decide whether or not he is a possible suitor or just a waste of her time.

However, when a man intrigues a woman initially, she needs to ask him some questions on the dates that they go on, to figure him out. She needs to know some information on him to see what he is really like. There are lots of questions to ask a guy that a woman needs to know and review her options.

Questions To Ask A Guy Before Starting A Relationship

There are things that are really important to ask before you start a relationship with someone. You want to know what they did in their past to see what they are all about. If he was unfaithful to women in the past, then you might want to steer clear of him.

Cheaters usually never change and you don’t want to be his next victim. You also want to know if he has ever committed a crime. It is good to have questions to ask a guy so you can learn about his past and see if he is what you want.

Once you get some insight into his past, you can start to see another side of him. There are lots of websites that are dedicated to questions to ask a guy. You can have a variety of them ready and to talk about them over dinner.

Asking Questions Without Being Too Intrusive

They aren’t going to make him feel like he is being interrogated but instead they will get his mind stimulated and he will enjoy your deep interest in him. He will like the questions that you ask him since chances are no other woman has asked him such interesting questions.

One thing you have to master is to know how to probe without seeming too intrusive. You have to know the right moment to ask a question since you want the conversation to flow naturally.

Keep It Real And Still Ask The Questions

The last thing you want to do is to make the guy think that you have a script when it comes to dating that you follow each round. You want the conversation to feel real but to still be able to throw in some telling questions to ask a guy you are interested in.

Women want to find their knight in shining armor so they aren’t afraid to ask a guy questions to reveal his true self. They should know everything before they say yes to going out with him and even more importantly, before a ring goes on their finger.

Finding Out Information Before Your First Date

One way of finding out a lot about a guy, before the first date, is to chat online, exchange emails and talk on the phone. Communicating this way, keeps your options open and gives you an assurance that there will be no surprises on the first date.

This style of dating is far better than a blind date, when you know almost nothing about your date, apart from the recommendation of a friend. By chatting online, exchanging photographs, you will at least know what each other looks like and you can find out his likes and dislikes and what he is looking for in a woman.

If you are happy to meet this guy, then you will agree to go out on a date.

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