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Professional Wedding Photography For Better Images

By Natalie Glass

Professional wedding photography can be expensive, and many times, this is where couples with a limited budget will trim some of the excess. Is it wise to cut corners on your photographer? Can you get by without a professional wedding photographer? While you might be able to get a friend to do the job or do the picture taking yourself, do you really want to take the chance the photos won’t be nice?

Professional wedding photographers bring a lot to the table that may be hard to replace. The professional is an expert at capturing subtleties of expression and nuances of the environment.

Your friend or relative may be reasonably skilled with a camera, but unless he or she has professional experience, it is likely that the person will miss some of the fine details that a professional photographer would capture.

A Wedding Album With Professional Images

If you want a wedding album that you can be proud of, professional wedding photography is a must. Doing the photos yourself or asking a friend or family member to do it is risky. You might get lucky and end up with a few photos you’re happy with, but good photography has nothing to do with luck.

Many factors such as lighting and camera angles have to be considered before the shot is even taken. It’s unlikely that an amateur would be able to capture the true feel of your wedding day in photo form.

Wedding Photojournalism

Couples who choose contemporary wedding photography, such as wedding photojournalism, may not feel that hiring a professional photographer is necessary for them. Their shots will be candid, not posed, and will reflect the day as it unfolds. They may feel that a friend or family member will be able to capture these shots accurately.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a friend or relative does not have professional detachment in regards to your wedding. He or she will experience emotions, personal drama, and the gamut of reactions that come with attending a large family event.

It is possible that even the most well meaning friend will inadvertently miss some shots due to other things that are happening throughout the day. Additionally, the photojournalistic style requires that the photographer remain completely uninvolved in the unfolding situation. This is a difficult position in which to put someone who obviously cares deeply about you.

Wedding Photography On A Budget

Affordable professional wedding photography is available from trained wedding photography professionals. If your budget is truly tight, you may want to hire a wedding photographer who has just started out on his or her own and is eager to build business.

Many times, he or she will have been well trained as a staff photographer with a larger company prior to starting his or her own company. Be sure to ask for samples of the photographer’s work, but do not write someone off simply because the business is new.

Expensive Wedding Packages

Also, consider hiring a wedding photography professional solely for his or her time plus the original media, forgoing expensive wedding photography packages. Explain to the photographer that you are on a tight budget and enlist his or her help in saving money.

Once you start to work with professional wedding photographers, you will find that many of them care enough to want to help you get the best pictures you can afford. Be up front and tell the photographer what you’re looking for, and he or she might surprise you with an affordable wedding package you and your future spouse can both be happy with.

Professional wedding photography is worth the effort and expense. When all is said and done, you will have your wedding album for a long time, so why not make sure it is as beautiful as possible?

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How far in advance should I book a photographer for my wedding?
Many photographers recommend booking a photographer as soon as you get engaged, or at least until you know the wedding date. It is suggested that the engaged couple book 8-12 months in advance because many studios book wedding dates quickly. Weddings are more prominent from May to October when the weather is most favorable.

If you choose to hold your wedding within this period, the photographer you choose will likely require a non-refundable deposit or retainer fee to hold your wedding date. This ensures that you will have this studio or photographer on your desired date, as well as securing a job for your photographer. The sooner you book your photographer, the more likely you are to be able to work with your first choice.



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