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Online Dating Personals

By Julia Barnes

Personals have made the leap from the Sunday newspaper to being online. Dating personals are found on thousands of different websites. Finding a personal ad is not difficult but deciphering the ad and knowing where to look can be the problem.

In addition, placing a personal ad might seem easy but in reality most ads are filled with flaws and are not likely to catch the eye of someone looking for that special someone.

Be Clear And Concise And Check For Spelling Errors

One mistake that many people make when they create their personal ad is not taking into account their typing or writing skills. It is important to be clear, concise and most importantly, to check for simple spelling errors.

Most computers have programs that you can use to type a document, spell check it, and then copy it over to the ad. You would be amazed at the number of personals that go ignored because of spelling errors.

Post A Recent Picture

Here is a great tip if you want a higher number of responses: post a clear picture. Wait, stop...let’s clarify that statement to make sure there is not any confusion. Post a recent picture. Many people find themselves in denial over their age or physical appearance, so they post a more flattering picture.

Unfortunately the picture was taken ten years ago. If you connect with someone and decide to meet, then the other person is going to know your deception immediately. Save some time, hassle and headaches by being honest from the get go.

Personals are a great way to narrow down what you want in a potential partner. You can list what you desire in a date. Please be aware that there is a difference between being honest and being picky. The more narrow your field of selection, the less likely you will receive a huge number of responses. However, this is not a bad thing if the criteria you selected is important to you.

Online Personals

Online personals can seem terrifying to someone newly single. It is a huge world and the number of people the internet can bring you in touch with can seem limitless. Take it easy and breathe deep, it will be okay. You may not find love, but you can find new friendships.

Will there be bad dates? Oh yes, you can count on meeting people who are completely not compatible with yourself, but each date will help you discover what you truly want in a potential mate.

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More Dating Facts....

What is the difference between a dating site and an adult personal’s site?
Ah, this is an interesting question. If you go to a dating website and then visit an adult personal’s site, you will immediately notice the difference. Though clothing seems to get skimpier and skimpier in an effort to attract more suitors, the lack of clothing and erotic poses should clue you in to the nature of adult personal sites.

Many dating websites screen for married people but of course this only works if the person is honest. An adult personal website will have quite a lot of married people looking for "intimate" encounters outside the confines of their marriage.