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Personal Websites Can Be Your Avenue To An Online Community

By George Stenhouse

Personal websites can be your avenue to get online dates that may lead to physical dates. There are lots of people out there who want to meet like minded people on a date and one of the popular ways to arrange these meetings is to have personal web sites.

You can have a form on your website and people can fill in their dating profiles and then its up to you if you wish to meet any of these prospects, first online in a chat room on your site or just exchange email.

You may even have a forum where a community of like minded people may meet on your personal web sites to discuss matters of interest.

Personal web sites serve all kinds of purposes – some of them are to get dates and meet people, others are to communicate with business connections or friends, and others are dedicated to special interests.

Whatever your reason, developing a personal web site can be a fun, rewarding, and surprisingly easy experience. If you have never tried it, I suggest that you give it a go.

My experience with personal web pages started off about five years ago. At the time, I was trying to find online dating connections.

I tried a lot of Internet dating services before, but none of them seemed really that good.

They would give you personal profile pages where you could put up a lot of information about yourself, but I don’t think they told the whole story. Everyone was there to cruise, so the conversation stayed pretty shallow.

Build your own personal website

I decided that personal web sites would be a better way to go. I felt that I could tell more about myself, and find out more about people who might be interested in me.

Although getting people to go to my personal web site was hard at first, it got easier as time went on. Soon, there were hundreds of people a day visiting my personal websites. It wasn’t long before I was meeting beautiful women over the Internet.

Visitors to your website

Of course, getting people to visit your personal website can be a little bit tricky at first. You see, the Internet is such a huge and sprawling place that it is possible people will never even come across your personal web sites.

You need to do something to increase your hits, and that can be difficult to do. The best way to get people to visit your personal web sites is to be part of a community.

In many ways, it really doesn’t matter what kind of Internet community you belong to. It can be a community that is interested in a specific kind of literature, art, or movie.

Build an online community to bring traffic

It can be a community dedicated to political views. Whatever the forum, the people who participate in it will visit each other’s personal web sites.

Once you have other people visiting your personal web sites, you can visit theirs as well. It is only a matter of time till you will be talking.

With personal web sites, you dont need hundreds of thousands or millions coming to your website, you need just enough people so that your website can register on the search engines and then people can locate your site.

Personal Blog

Another way to have a personal website is to have a personal blog. It can be like an online diary and people making comments on your blog entries and allow links from your blog to their blog to build a rather high level of interaction.

This way you can get traffic of people coming to your blog to see your latest entries and to make comments. You could visit their blogs and you can make comments on their blog with a link to your blog.

This would help you build an online community where your visitors get traffic to their blogs and you get traffic to your personal web sites.

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