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Penpal Friends From All Around The World

By Julia Styles

Penpal friends are friends you never have to physically meet. You communicate via written correspondence every few months.

A penpal friend could be a friend who lives in another town, another state, another country. You can discuss in your letter all the main events happening in your life. You could mention about your graduation from college, your upcoming birthday party.

You could even discuss events that happen in your country. I have a penpal who lives overseas and is coming to the US to train as a doctor. She will continue to correspond with me about the progress of her course through medical school and how she hopes to get back to her family as soon as she graduates.

It is so fascinating to get a glimpse into someone else’s life. There are no social ties or tensions with penpal friends. It is like someone you talk to every few months. A penpal friend is a breath of fresh air.

You can locate penpal friends on the internet, through dedicated websites.

One of the best characteristics of the Internet is the way that it helps bring people closer together. Through email, instant messages, and chat rooms, you can quickly and easily communicate with someone who lives clear across the globe.

Most of the time, however, the relationships that you form with people you meet online are very shallow and superficial. If you want to really get to know a new person in-depth on a one-on-one basis, your best bet might be to try to find a couple of good penpal friends.

Many people have had a penpal friend at least once in their lives. For example, many children might have had one as part of a school or community project as they were growing up.

Long–Distance Friendships

Others develop long–distance friendships through relatives, mutual friends, or personal travels. If you’ve had a penpal friend before, then you know what a great experience it can be to have someone with whom you can freely share your thoughts, hopes, fears, and disappointments.

Corresponding with new people in far-off lands remains a popular pastime with letter writers of all ages, so don’t be afraid to get started today.

Penpals Online

Finding a penpal friend is as easy as going online and running a few queries through your favorite search engine. There are numerous websites out there that are dedicated to helping people meet correspondence partners from all over the world.

On these websites (a majority of which are free to join), you’ll be able to search through profiles of hundreds of prospective penpals.

A profile usually consists of basic information, such as name, age, location, and general interests. The more specific details about a person’s life are left for you to discover through the letters and cards that you send each other.

Post Your Own Profile

You should also consider posting your own profile on a site so that other people may contact you. Just remember that most of theses sites are totally public, so you should never post your home address or phone number where complete strangers can get a hold of the information.

Most people rent a post office box the receive letters from their new penpal friends. As an alternative, you can start off by sending emails, then once you feel like you know the person a little better and think you’re a good fit, you can progress to mailing letters to each other’s homes.

We could always use another confidant in our lives, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and find your very own special penpal friend today!

Once you start with one penpal friend, you might want to meet that person. Especially if they live interstate or overseas. It might influence where you want to go for your next holiday.

If your penpal friend lives in the Bahamas, then its off to the sunny Bahamas for a couple of weeks. Your penpal will be so greatful to see you that he might even offer you free accommodation at his home for a couple of nights.

He can show you around all the best parts of the Bahamas and advise you on the best places to visit in the Caribbean, apart from the Bahamas.

You can learn all about the best places to visit in the Bahamas and the surrounding islands in the Caribbean, all with the help of written correspondence with your penpal friends.

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