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Pen Friends All Over The World

By Julia Styles

Pen friends are people you correspond with and live in other towns or in other parts of the world. These are people you may never meet but you can send and receive real letters in the mail.

You may discuss and review upcoming events in your life, relationship problems, birthdays, new additions to the family and news events of the day. Depending on the location of your pen friends you may discuss different topics.

For example, if your pen pal lives in Brazil, you may discuss the Carnivale, the Amazon jungle, social issues and news of the day. There are many topics you can discuss with your pen friends.

Pen Friends From Other Countries And Cultures

There aren’t as many people out there who are looking for pen friends as before, but they are still out there. People often find people from other countries and cultures to write to because they are interested in the rest of the world.

Children often do this so they can meet someone who is far removed from the circle of their everyday life, and so they can learn about other people. It can be quite fun if you can find the right person to correspond with, and it’s a great way to learn about people and places that are unfamiliar.

Getting A Real Letter In The Mail

Most who have pen friends like to write real letters. Though there are some that do it through email, there is something about getting a real letter in the mail from the other side of the world. Some say that the written letter is dying, but those with pen friends would tell you different.

Though this type of communication is slower, there is something friendlier about writing out a letter and putting it in the mail. For a child, the excitement of seeing a post mark from another country is often overwhelming.

Encouraging Children To Write Letters

Some parents encourage their children to find pen friends as soon as they can start writing words. The letters may be awkward, but it gives them a chance to learn about others, and to work on writing skills.

Adults aren’t really excited about getting mail because the box is usually full of bills, but children get excited when they see there is something in there just for them.

Though pen friends may come and go, some can turn into long term friendships that become very important. Some children grow up writing to each other, and then meet when they become adults.

Looking For Pen Friends Online

You can find pen friends online now, but you have to be careful. There has always been strange people in the world, but sometimes it seems they are concentrated online.

There are sites that allow you to list what type of pen friends you are looking for, or you can look through listings to see if anyone interesting comes up. Just remember to use caution when corresponding with someone.

You will soon be able to tell if they are a real person with the same interests as you, or if they are looking for someone to scam. Have fun, but use common sense when choosing your long distance friends.

Pen Friends All Around The World

Having pen friends living in different towns, or in different parts of the world, allows you to learn about the culture of people in other parts of the world. If you have a pen friend in Hong Kong, they may discuss about the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

You may have another pen friend in Europe where you can discuss soccer results. You can fascinate your European friends, by watching events on CNN and other news channels, and show how much you know about their country.

Staying In Touch Online

A lot of these people you can chat to online and also send and receive correspondence. This way, you can stay in touch with friends all around the world. You may want to discuss about your coming birthday and all the preparations.

Even about the birth of a new addition to the family, with pictures of the newborn enclosed in the envelope with the letter.

Corresponding with people once every few weeks, keeps you in touch with your pen friends.

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