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By Janine Jensenoris

The internet continues to make the world a smaller place. Kids are developing real and genuine relationships with people all over the globe through online communities like Myspace. These communities serve as meeting places for individuals, not just teens, who share similar interests or concerns.

The community may serve as a place where your teen can find a group of people who accept them for who they are, especially if they struggle with this at school. When approached correctly, and honestly, this can be a parenting tool to communicate with their kids.

It is one more way that you can add to the list of how to be involved in the day to day life of your teenager.

Interacting With Your Children Online

In order for a parent to have access to their teen’s Myspace page (or to anybody else’s for that matter), they must sign up for an account themselves. This is easy to do, though.

By simply visiting the site, anybody can sign up for a personal account. This will get a parent on the way to incorporating themselves into their teen’s daily life and experiences.

Getting Permission From The Page Owner

It is important not to get overwhelmed by the many things one can do on their page. The important thing is to have a personal page because this allows access to other pages.

In order to be involved with your child via the Myspace network, you will need to be accepted as one of their friends and use Myspace as a parenting tool. No one is allowed to interact on someone else’s Myspace page until they are given permission by the page owner.

Build Your Profile And Then Submit A Request

To get this permission, you must first build your own profile and then submit a request, via the network, to be their friend. Talk with them before hand and let them know what you are doing. This is not a time to be sneaky or set something up so that you can spy on them. Be honest, tell them why you want to be involved with their community.

Myspacers, as they are widely referred to, also place great emphasis on their "Top Friends" - a section on the front page of their site that shows a picture and ranking of their "Top Friends."

Top Friends List

For some teens, the "Top Friends" list changes daily or, for others, possibly even hourly. To see the personal site of any of the friends, you can simply click on that person’s picture. Chances are, you will not be placed on your teen’s "Top Friends" section. Don’t be offended. It would be "uncool" for them to place you in that section.

The "Comments" section on the Myspace community can provide great insight to your teen’s daily life. This is the place where the Myspacer’s "Friends" can leave comments to the site’s owner.

Comments are typically just friends exchanging information. It can be best described as the new version of e-mails, save for the fact that the comments are available for all to read.

Choose From Thousands Of Unique Layouts

The design of a Myspace community page, called a "layout," is also carefully chosen by the teen because of what it implies. Myspace themes range from cartoons to sports to name brands, just to name a few. With thousands of unique layouts to choose from, it is nearly impossible for a person to be unable to find a theme that suits them

Yet another section of the Myspace community is the "Blog" section. This is where the site’s owner can post their writings that can be accessed by anybody with a Myspace account.

Restrictions On Reading Blogs

There are options, however, that allow the site’s owner to restrict who can read their blog. Reading your teen’s blog would provide a parent with the greatest insight into the lives of their teen. Although many teens may choose to restrict the parent to read many of their blogs, most are glad to share their thoughts and feelings through writing.

Many teens that have trouble communicating verbally use writing as a tool to express their feelings without having to actually review and talk about them. Many of these blogs are used to voice frustration, discontent, or just used for everyday venting.

Person To Person Communication Is Always Best

While using the online community can be one more open door into your teen’s life, it should not become your primary parenting tool. Remember that real conversations that take place in person are still the best way for honest communication.

Use the online community as a tool to enhance the already great job that you are doing raising your kids.

About the Author:
Janine Jensenoris is a popular author of dating articles including Adult Personals, Blind Dating, Chat Websites, Real Friends, Adult Party Favors, Conversation Starters, Abusive Relationships, Difficult People, Anger Management, Interracial Relationships.
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