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Parenting Teenagers With Rules And Limitations

By Janine Jensenoris

Teenagers have been the butt of hundreds of sitcom jokes. New parents or those with young children are warned about those dreaded "teenage years", when rebellion sets in and trouble begins.

Parents tell horror stories about sneaking out, disrespect and even tales of alcohol or drug abuse. It is enough to make any would-be parent run for the hills. Parenting teenagers is a whole different story than being the parent of a small child.

Okay, so maybe it is not as bad as all that. Being the parent of a teenager is a lot different than having an elementary aged child, toddler or an infant. There are a different set of problems that are very age specific, that each parent must eventually face.

Managing Your Children With A Set Of Rules And Limitations

There is no avoiding it; countless parents have wished it could be so. Parenting teenagers and small children all have one basic commonality. Both require a set of rules and limitations. Some parents have a much more relaxed system than others do. The parenting teens must differ on is the actual nature of the rules.

One example of a big difference is that children will not be dealing with issues such as dating and curfews. Laws in most cities have a weekday curfew and a weekend curfew for people beneath the age of eighteen.

Protecting Your Children

This is to provide a structure to protect children. It is these guidelines for review that parents seek to undertake as well. Parenting classes and magazines advise that most teens seek rules even if they do not outwardly show it. Giving them a strict curfew and letting them know what is okay and what is wrong is a way to guide them in choices they must make.

Any parent of a teen can attest that expressing physical affection is a hit and miss situation. Teens want their own autonomy and are easily embarrassed in front of their friends if a parent wants to hug or kiss them. It is nothing personal. It is just a phase and it will pass. The important thing is to let them know that they are loved regardless of their actions.

Talking To Other Parents Of Teenagers To Find Solutions

Parenting teenagers is something all parents must go through. It is a rite of passage for both adult and growing child. It can be frustrating for both sides but there is help available.

Many parents find solace in talking to other parents of teenagers or talking to counselors. A great place to turn to for advice is the teen’s school counselor. He or she deals with enough teenagers to know how to communicate effectively.

A Grand Adventure

It is not just parenting rights that exist, teens have rights as well. They should be allowed to express themselves within reason and always while maintaining respect. They have the right to a safe household.

They have the right to happiness and love. They have the right to a quality education and to have their needs met. This may not mean the newest iPod but it means that they have food, shelter, clothing and protection from those that would harm them. Parenting teenagers is a grand adventure and one that can turn out with a very happy ending.

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