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Parenting Styles Bring Up Healthy Children

By Janine Jensenoris

Parenting styles can be as different from each set of parents as night is to day. It may have to do with how each parent was reared or it could be environmental factors that lead to the differing styles.

There is not a text book style that all parents adhere to. All children are not similar to each other, so why would parenting be any different? There is a world of diversity and it is present in parenting.

The Reality Of Parenting In Many Families

In an ideal society, according to parenting books, a child would be raised by two healthy and loving adults who would provide not only the basic necessities of life but would also foster a loving atmosphere for the child to learn and grow within.

The reality of this is that there are many families that only have one adult present. It does not mean, in any way, shape or form, that the child is lacking. Many single parents find themselves playing both mother and father or have relatives and friends that assume some of the more traditional roles.

Gay Parents Adopting Children

Gay parenting has recently come to light with their ability to adopt children or have surrogate mothers and fathers. These parenting styles have come under fire from religious groups for seemingly to embrace and push a homosexual lifestyle onto the children.

There has been no proof offered that homosexual parents have a higher instance of children turning to homosexuality than their heterosexual parent counterparts. The real issue beneath these parenting styles wars is religion. It is one set of parents and individuals protesting another based on beliefs.

Intolerance And Bigotry

Christian parenting styles come under fire many times by media. There are some groups that advocate strict Christian upbringing and an almost isolation-like atmosphere in which the children are raised.

Many groups opposing this type of environment, believe that the children are raised in an environment in which intolerance is taught, alongside bigotry towards other beliefs.

Many Ideas To Bring Up Children

These opinions are just that: opinions. There is no concrete proof that one parenting styles are superior to another provided that the children are having their needs met. There will always be different ideas to review, on how kids should be brought up.

For every expert giving one bit of advice there will be another offering contrary advice. Is spanking beneficial? Is time out a better method of discipline? Are single parents worse than a couple? Is a heterosexual couple more stable than a homosexual couple? These are all questions and ideas that can be found anywhere.

Working Best To Benefit The Children

The most important thing when discussing parenting styles with other couples, such as in parenting classes, is to find things that work best in that particular situation. It is perfectly okay to take a bit of advice and guidance from a variety of places to fit a household’s individual makeup and style.

With billions of people in the world and billions of personal opinions in the end it comes down to what works best for that particular parent. Right or wrong to someone else it has to work best for the child regardless of who or what the parent is.

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