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By Janine Jensenoris

Two names stand out in the field of child development. Each wrote a parenting book or books to help new parents change their way of thinking when it came to raising their children.

Both were pioneers and the first to step out of the traditional parenting roles set forth by previous generations. Dr. Benjamin Spock and Dr. William Spears changed the attitudes of child rearing.

Dr. Spock’s advocated that each parent develop a parenting program that fit their lifestyle and beliefs. His books and articles gave advice on feeding, crying, and providing guidance but left many of the decisions up to the individual parents.

New Methods Of Parenting

His parenting book, Baby and Childcare, left many of the older methods of parenting behind as he concentrated more on the psychoanalysis of a child.

Before 1946 ideas about reading a parenting book where not as widely accepted as in current times and parents relied more on how they were raised than outside help. The general premise of child rearing focused more on discipline than on emotional attachment.

Father Was A Disciplinarian

Parents did not pick up their children when they cried and physical affection was kept at a minimum. Fathers did not have an active role in the children’s lives and was generally thought of more, as a disciplinarian than someone who could comfort.

Dr. Spock’s book changed the world forever and gradually became an accepted viewpoint. Critics were many, but his success was obvious as he came to sell over fifty million copies and later went on to write three more books and countless articles.

Forming A Strong Emotional Bond

Through Dr. Spock’s headway into the publishing world with his parenting book, Dr. William Sears was able to gain credibility with his theories on attachment parenting. He has published over thirty parenting books and offers his advice on many websites and magazines.

Dr. Sears approach on attachment parenting was centered on the idea that children who grow up and are showered with affection and form a strong emotional bond will grow up to be more secure adults. They will develop more empathy for others and will be able to express their feelings and thoughts more readily.

Dr. Sears parenting book The Baby Book was, and still is, a godsend for many new parents and even those with a few children under their belts. The topics covered range from bonding with the baby to temper tantrums in the toddler years.

Pointing Parents In The Right Direction

As a parent, there is not a simple solution to raising a child. It takes patience and a willingness to be flexible and a continual review of your options. Reading a book can point the parent in the right direction but it cannot solve every single problem that arises.

Use the parenting book as a guideline and then use a technique that works best for both child and parent. Even Dr. Sears and Dr. Spock would agree that their books are not the only method to use when raising a child.

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