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Parenting Baby Book With General Guiding Principles

By Janine Jensenoris

The definitive parenting baby book can work miracles. It can transform even the fussiest baby into a picture perfect tot. It can point out every parenting mistake and make parenting time a true joy.

Every little question is answered and the answers are astonishing. There is nothing this book can not do. It can even change dirty diapers and baby sit when the parents need a night out.

The reality is that the ultimate baby book does not exist. No one source can give comprehensive, working advice for all parents. There are parenting books available but the theories and advice contained within the pages varies according to whatever expert wrote it.

Old Books With Old Ideas

The one thing that is quickly discovered when having a baby is that nothing is concrete. The current parenting baby books on the market that are bestsellers, were often written many years ago but have been revised and updated to reflect the changing nature and makeup of the parents.

Forty years ago an openly gay couple seeking to have a baby through surrogacy would not have been as accepted as it is currently. The parenting baby book would not have had a section featuring alternative parent units.

Single parents were not even under consideration and their circumstances are drastically different than those of two people having a baby.

New Parents Living Life With New Adventures

The thing about parenting is that no one can accurately predict how infancy will go. A parenting baby book can give details about general childhood illness, when to get shots or even when to start solid foods but it cannot cover every single topic up for your review.

New parenting time is precious and that is the one thing a parenting baby book can attest to. A new mother and father, or mother/mother, father/father, or however the family unit is comprised is an exciting time filled with new adventures each and every day. No two people act the same.

What can be expected though in general? Crying, poop filled diapers, burping, spit ups, sleepless nights and feeding is always there.

Choose A Pediatrician Who Will Listen To You

Doctor visits can alleviate a lot of questions and the best advice a parenting baby book can give is to pick a pediatrician that puts the parents at ease, is knowledgeable and will listen to every single worry, concern or gripe.

If there is any impatience on the doctor or staff’s behalf then go to another pediatrician. There needs to be a good rapport between doctor and family.

A General Understanding Of Childhood

A baby does not come with an owner’s manual. The parenting baby book cannot tell the new parents what to expect every single moment of the day. It cannot get up with the child in the middle of the night or help soothe his or her tears.

It can help parents understand some of the issues of childhood but it cannot solve the problems for them. There will be times when it seems impossible but in the end the reward is greater than the trials.

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